As mentioned in the oh-so-informative Study Abroad Pre-Departure seminar back at school in April, every student reports suffering from some period of anxiety, frustration, and or hostility towards their new surroundings at some point in the first month of their visit.

Yes, it is here. I have entered the period de l’hostilite.

My birthday may have had something to do with the advent of this period of stress. I was anxious enough about celebrating my 21ist so far from home and my boyfriend and my friends, but the fact that I have no little trinkets or sentimental things from home is preposterous! I have yet to received one single birthday package from the United States. My mother conscientiously sent my packages with plenty of time for international mail and customs snafus, but to no avail. Nothing has arrived. I claim to be okay with this setback, because, after all I am in Paris. but some things, like my birthday, have been sacred to me for as long as I have celebrated them, and this is simply not acceptable in my world. Don’t tell me that people don’t do business internationally and send products and mail internationally and it takes two weeks. Maybe in 1981 or the Stone Ages, but not in 2009 do I buy that it takes 2 weeks for a package to get from Boston to Paris. Sorry. Not buying it.

I want my mail. I want my packages when I want them, how I want them. In a timely manner. Delivered to me promptly with no issues.  Visits to the post office are useless, as they rudely mumble in inaudible French and shrug their shoulders at me.

I want my debit card to work. How does BNP get away with putting a limit on my debit card usage? It’s my money- I should be able to access it and spend it and do whatever I want with it, whenever I want. So frustrating. I’m here in your country for four months, patronizing your industries and your economy, and you want to limit my spending. Brilliant. Maybe the best international marketing scheme ever created!

I want to be able to watch American TV. Yes, I know, I can’t access HBO and ABC and NBC here, but the fact that some websites don’t allow for international viewing online is ridiculous. This is 2009 and there needs to be some way for me to watch The Rachel Zoe Project! I am not asking for the moon!

Ah, oui, the hostility period is here, mon amis! So maybe steer clear for the next few days until I cool down. Or at least until the mail arrives.