Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “everyday” as :


1. of or pertaining to every day; daily: an everyday occurrence.
2. of or for ordinary days, as contrasted with Sundays, holidays, or special occasions: everyday clothes.
3. such as is met with every day; ordinary; commonplace: a placid, everyday scene.


4. the routine or ordinary day or occasion: We use inexpensive plates for everyday.

In modern society, we use this word “everyday” to describe things commonplace, ordinary, or to describe day-to-day activities that are placed lower on our mental caste system than “special” items.

Being thousands of miles away from home and loved ones has caused me to muse on the meaning of this word and its associated contexts. Things I use every day have actually taken on more meaning to me than things I only use once in a while. Things I touch every day are not ordinary or simple- they are things that mean the most to me, so I incorporate them into my daily life.

Women sometimes use this word to describe jewelry. “Oh, I just want a plain gold chain for everyday.” “Yeah, this is my everyday diamond.” Not a stereotype or fitting for every woman, but just a generalization. We tend to associate our “everyday” clothing and jewelry with having less value, so less is at stake for loss in the rigor of day-to-day activities. Yet the stud earrings or simple chain that we wear every day actually becomes a part of us- they appear in every candid photo of us that we have not dressed for, they accompany us on spontaneous trips, and become almost like a second skin so that we feel naked without these “everyday” tokens. They are what people associate with us.

When in reality, the things we touch and surround ourselves with day in and day out end up touching us the most, literally and figuratively. Things comfort us, but not necessarily the objects of the most luxurious or expensive fabrics or materials. It is the pieces that mean something to us- either they have sentimental value, or they have simply been with us through so much-that are our true “comfort” pieces.

Fragrances are another aspect where women tend to “save up” their best and opt for something informal and “simple” for every day use. But this fragrance seeps into our clothes, and every fabric we come into contact with. It becomes our “signature”, what people associate us with when they sense an aroma. Don’t we want our signature fragrance to be our best one? Why save the good stuff for random occasions when people won’t recognize it, besides as being different than your everyday smell?

I find myself asking, “What am I saving this for?” Life is not a dress rehearsal. If we spend our days waiting to wear our favorite dress or most expensive pair of earrings, we will become so comfortable with our “everyday” wear that they become a part of our inner security and we never want to lose them. I have found myself taking more risks with my non-“everyday” items and found that I love them, and surprisingly, feel comfortable with them. We need to project our comfort level to incorporate our luxury, “special occasion” pieces, and also need to learn to love our “everyday” pieces.