We’ve all heard the famous quote by the immortal fashion genius Coco Chanel: “Take one thing off before you leave the house”. While that brilliant mantra still rings true and can help you avoid looking like you raided your mom’s closet while playing dress up, this fall it’s all about layering multiple accessories over minimal clothing. So this season, that “one thing you take off” is referring to an article of excess clothing.

(photo courtesy of qvc.com)

With the hot, humid weather of Baltimore still drenching us in sweat whenever we venture out from our air-conditioned dorm room caves, it’s important to stay cool and casual for the beginning weeks of the fall semester. However, it can be hard to look glamorous walking across the Quad in cut off jean shorts and a thin T shirt.  And the most flattering of colors, quintessential black, draws the sun when it’s strongest and can cause heat stroke in seconds in this heat. But no need to suffer under sweltering layers in order to stay stylish!  An easy way to keep your look fashionable without piling on layers of heavy material is to pile on the accessories, or as Rachel Zoe likes to say, excessories.


Excess is never enough! When in doubt, add more bling! Loading up on some eye-catching, flashy cocktail rings is an instant, icy-cool way to feel a bit sparklier as you start the fall season. Throw on a lightweight, bright colored scarf to dress up a tiny  tank top (that can also help keep you from freezing in some overly chilly classrooms).  A floppy straw hat can shield your face and eyes from the sun glaring across campus while still showing off your perfectly tanned shoulders. If you perfected the sun-kissed highlights in your hair and don’t want to hide them with a hat, try a turquoise or fuschia barrette or clip to hold your hair off your face. Bright, bold colors will evoke the natural colors of a summer sunset and keep you thinking of those blissful summer evenings. Your favorite beach cover-up or caftan from summer can double as an oversize, flowy top over white shorts- just be sure to remember a camisole underneath and of course, matching earrings to take the look from poolside to Poetry class.

Also, add some glitz to your note-taking in class with a colorful gel pen or even a fun feathered creation, a la Cher Horwitz in Clueless. These are all funky ways to express your personal style without burying your overheating body in yard of excess fabric. No need to sacrifice style on these hottest of days- just throw your hair back in a ponytail and let your “excessories” be your fashion statement.

(photo courtesy of http://www.searchingforstyle.com)

Even though the thermometers are cracking from the unbearable heat, you can still look effortlessly chic, and remain cool. Use accessories this season to help you transition from the endless summer days of bikinis and board shorts on the beach into the crisp, fashion-forward mindset of fall. Enjoy the sun while it lasts- the fall boots, sweaters and leather jackets will be here before you know it!