Sorry, this isn’t about New Jersey. No offense to Teresa Guidice or any other Garden State dwellers. This is a little ode to the wonderful bedroom fabric that is jersey.

Our beds should be the center of our universe. Even if you’re not a “bed” person like I am, who does homework and eats soup and watches re-runs of Glee on on or in their bed, your bed should be a haven of comfort and happiness. The coziness of a cloud. The warmth of a hug. The snugness of a cocoon. How does one achieve these heavenly attributes in your own bed?

Easy. Indulge in the softest of sheets. My personal favorite fabric for bedtime warmth? Jersey.

I have no idea what it’s made of, how they make it so soft, or where it comes from in the world, but I do know where you can get it: the answer is anywhere. It is so easy to find- and not expensive at all. Check out Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, or of course, Pottery Barn for the latest in cozy, stretchy luxury for your nighttime or napping needs. They come in fantastic colors- currently I curl up on a magenta pillow that contrasts with lime green sheets with a pink trim.

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Runner-up for softest sheet fabric: Bamboo! Crazy, yes, but I was shocked to learn that sheets with just a hint of bamboo in their texture get soooo much softer each time you wash them. This is true of all sheets, but especially easy with the special bamboo sheets. These are a bit harder to find, but worth the search. I found some great ones at Bed Bath & Beyond, but not every location carries the best selection.

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ATTENTION FRESHMAN: you do NOT have to buy the sheets from the catalogue that Loyola sent you. We all did it, and now I’m stuck with a collection of paper thin pink and peach sheets that are so scratchy that I’ve banished them to the bottom of my sheet supply pile. I know Loyola told you that “regular sheets don’t fit our beds!” in a warning font, but don’t fret, if you just look for sheets marked “Twin Extra Long” at Pottery Barn or anywhere else, and select your own scrumptious linens. Upside: be eco and save those scratchy sheets once you’ve replaced them with a much more plushy option, and use the old ones to protect furniture when you paint your own apartment one day!

So, the cooler weather is here, so now is the best time to stock up on the yummiest sheets out there. What’s better than crawling into a warm, comfortable, and glamorous bed after a long day? Find your perfect color and coziest fabric, and hit the sack in style!