With the Fall season in full swing, it’s time to bid adieu to the fresh, sun-kissed faces free of foundation. The cooler weather means our summer tans are fading faster than Hollywood marriages (Courteney and David, soo sad). The best way to combat the chilly days devoid of natural dewy color? A deliciously light foundation to help punch up your daily look. There are so many different choices out there on the luxury end, and also of the CVS variety to help you put your best, most flawlessly covered, freshest face forward this Fall.

My current fave is Chanel Pro Lumiere in Matte. It gives that perfect little glow of freshness that doesn’t make you look caked and buried under layers of harsh makeup. This “professional finish”, as the advertisers and make-up artists behind Chanel will tell you, lasts all day-and will survive the craziest night out without touchups in the bar bathroom.

(photo courtesy of chanel.com)

Another classic I always rely on is Shisheido Lifting Foundation. No, not just because Angelina Jolie was their spokesmodel. I use this foundation for more of a “dolled up” look, like Christmas parties where they will be lots of photos or a big date night. However, it’s great for day time too because of the strong SPF. Perfect for the transition to Fall weather when that sun can still sometimes be pretty strong on the walk across campus. Also to shamelessly promote Shisheido for one more sentence, their website has a great tool where you can select your own perfect color of foundation- I strongly recommend doing this or visiting your local Sephora or department store counter before investing in any foundation.

(photo courtesy of shisheido.com)

Looking for a cheaper version just to throw in your travel bag? That’s where I keep my CG Aqua Smooth foundation by CoverGirl. It has great SPF and goes on really lightly for a makeup-free look. This is technically more of a “tinted moisturizer”, but it still accomplishes all the great fresh face goals of a foundation, especially for those with sensitive skin.

(photo courtesy of covergirl.com/products)

So hit up the make-up counter at your favorite shop, and next time you get a facial (maybe time to start dropping hints for gift certificates for Christmas?), ask your facial care professional which foundation is best for your skin type. But before you lay down any money for such an important purchase, test the foundation out on the inside of your wrist before applying it to your face. This skin mimics the tone of your face the best, and if you do happen to have an adverse reaction, no one will notice. So enjoy the make up shopping!