Every year, winter rolls around, and we break out our toasty coats, scarves, gloves, hats and boots to keep our bodies toasty warm. However, we might be forgetting one very important part of our winter well-being: our lips. We all feel that sting of bright red lips after walking outside in the wind and chilly temperatures. To keep your lips lusciously moisturized and mistletoe-ready, I have compiled a list of my favorite lip protection available. These all have SPF, to prevent sunburn once the snow arrives and we have to worry about sun reflecting, and these are all available at CVS or Walgreens.

1. Chapstick: The Original

(image courtesy of zipstick.com)

How can you go wrong with the word “chap” in the brand name? Chapstick provides great coverage to keep your lips protected from the bitter winds. You can color-coordinate with the cherry flavor, or blue, black and green labels. Quite the festive option. The downside? I’ve found that you need to re-apply very often to keep reaping the benefits.

2. Nivea: The Luxurious Option

(image courtesy of flikr.com)

Nivea offers you many sexy, shiny options of lip care. Not only do you get moisture, but many Nivea tubes offer “shimmer” or “hints of color”. A perfect option to throw in your purse when you want the effects of lip gloss but the protection and comfort of a comforting balm. Con? These sqeuuezy tubes are super tiny and you don’t get a lot of bang for your buck. Be ready to shell out the big bucks if you want a different flavor for every coat pocket- otherwise, ask for these for stocking stuffers!

3. Blistex: My Personal Favorite

(image courtesy of gosale.com)

Remember when Rachel went to the hospital on Season One of Friends, and Monica was helping her fill out the form so she asked if she was on any medication? “No. Oh, wait, yeah- Blistex!” Rachel Greene obsession aside, I can vouch that Blistex is incredibly addictive, due to its yummy flavors and scents, plus the fact that it lasts longer and keeps your lips looking soft and pillowy all day long. They have some great variations on the classic, though, like “Silk and Shine” and my most recent discovery, “Deep Renewal”- each flavor is a little different and is such an indulgent way to keep your lips happy all winter.

So what’s your favorite? Whichever protective coat you slather on your lips, make sure to mix up your repertoire and keep a variety of flavors around for the holiday season. It’s okay, we all admit we like the yummy ones better because of their “taste”, even though its make-up and not food. Enjoy!