In honor of the New Year and the plethora of resolutions to get healthier, more toned or slimmer, and also my own new bridal workout regimen, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to all things exercise. Yes, it is possible to look put together, if not all together glamorous, while working on your fitness!

I was watching an old episode of The Rachel Zoe Project (yes, it’s official, I’m obsessed) which featured a sneak peek at a magazine shoot with Zoe client and yoga buff Molly Sims. When Molly was striking yoga pose after yoga pose for the magazine, I thought of how mainstream fashion is dominated by outerwear, boots, jackets, denim, sweaters and blouses. What about the fashionable world of exercise?

Empires exist solely to provide comfortable and adorable clothes worthy of our sweatiest workout routine, be it yoga or cardio circuit training. While most of us throw on some ratty old sweatpants and an oversized T shirt before we hit the gym, we are acting in ignorance of the plethora of fashionable options for our daily trek to the gym.

Here are just a few fabulous bright colored creations that offer a perfect blend of comfort, with their breathable fabric and soft styles, with just a punch of style in the form of a bold color or eccentric print. That should help you brave the coming cool weather, when it gets harder to drag yourself out of bed to keep up the fitness instead of hitting the “snooze” button one more time. Have a great workout!

The “Power-Y Tank” is great for all types of cardio and stretching- built in shelf bra keeps you supported without the extra bulk of a sports bra, and the patented lululemon fabric wicks away sweat to keep you cool throughout the whole day! Shown here in river rock, but the colors are phenomenal!

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For bottoms: All those tricky poses in yoga and Pilates require the perfect pair of pants that will allow you to move freely while preventing you from flashing the whole class. These are the most comfortable pants ever! And the funky colors of the waistband jazz up any sluggish workout on the treadmill.

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Finally, here are the best selections of jackets to keep you warm on your way to and from the gym, or on your early morning runs on the chilly mornings!  You may have seen me rocking this “Stride” jacket in grey at Loyola’s FAC for my Pilates classes (shameless plug: Tuesdays at 5pm and Thursday morning 7am please come try it this semester!) because it is my absolute favorite piece of comfy clothing in the world! It keeps me warm and doubles as a silky smooth pillow on my long flights, and the thumb-holes keep the sleeves in place all throughout your workout!

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So enjoy your exercise wardrobe for the new year full of fitness fun! See you at the gym:)