When asking my father if he had any advice or input on what I should keep in mind before I set off on the hunt for my wedding dress, his reply was that of a typical conservative, protective father in denial that his little girl is growing up.

“High neck.”


The puzzled look on my face must have expressed my confusion and question at this fashion choice.

“Of the weddings I’ve been to, the classiest, most beautiful brides have worn a higher collar.”


Granted, looking back at photos of my parents’ wedding in 1987, my mother’s wedding gown did indeed fit that description. The neckline reached the collarbone and the lace sleeves whispered just at the wrist, but overall, the look was elegant and not too “prudish” or “conservative”. The see-through lace with fabric bodice gave off a lovely, simply classic vibe.

This got me thinking about the illusion that many of us have now about the High Neck. Yes, the boatneck is very popular for the country club and Vera Bradley crew in summer, but rarely do we ever consider it a serious choice for a “Wow” moment necessary of wedding gown or Red Carpet stunner.

However, at Sunday’s 68th Golden Globe Awards, I was dazzled by how many A-list Hollywood stars dazzled (literally, since high neck went hand-in-hand with glitter). The glitz certainly helped combat the “matronly” connotation, and stars like Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway and others hid their décolleté beneath a swarm of elegant beading and jewels, to pull of an incredibly sophisticated and enchanting look.

The first glimpse that High Neck could be sexy: Hillary Swank, here in her Oscar-winning gown……

(photo courtesy of http://www.google.com/imgres imgurl=http://www.rothschildimage.com/images/o/oscars_2005_hilary_swank.jpg)

Of course, Angelina could wear a white marshmellow sack and still look amazing. Her curves really shine in this emerald Versace….

(photo courtesy of http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/gossip/2011/01/golden-globes-red-carpet-angelina-jolie-justin-bieber.html)

One of my favorites of the night. Anne Hathaway is breathtaking in this  apricot-colored Armani Prive number. The high neck glamour and her effortless style even make the shoulderpads look chic.

(photo courtesy of  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/01/16/golden-globes-2011-best-dressed-photos_n_809736.html#225153)

One of the night’s big winners opted for a high neckline, in this gorgeous blush and coral colored Calvin Klein.

(photo courtesy of http://celebrity-gossip.net/golden-globe-awards-2011/photo/claire-danes-5)

High necklines are elegant and chic, and here to stay! What are your thoughts?

Just for the record, I did not take my dad’s advice about the high neck. My chest won’t be totally exposed though- I chose a beautiful one shoulder option.