Disclaimer here: Obviously, I am not a doctor. I’m not a nurse. I’m not a nutritionist. I’m not even studying to become any of those things. I’m a Journalism major writing my own thoughts on this little blog on here.

(That felt like the scene in Father of the Bride II when Fronk’s shouting “I am not a husband! I am not a father! I am not a 911 man!” OK, wedding obsession subsiding, just had to throw that in!)

I’ve suffered from headaches and migraines in varying degrees of agony since high school. I’ve been to several doctors, consulted my gynecologist, neurologist, and everyone in between. I’ve been on several prescription medications that I take every day, and I still have the supply of what I call “horse pills” because of their huge size, always close at hand in my cosmetic bag.

There is nothing worse than a migraine. Anyone will tell you, who’s had one, that it literally feels like there are little people behind your eyes poking you with ice-picks trying to get out. The worst part can be finding relief, even when you’ve tried medications and home remedies, and everything under the sun and below the earth. So again, I am in no way qualified to offer any kind of advice or medical information about headaches or migraines, but when you’re in that pain, any little bit can help. Something that I’ve found that works for me is shockingly simple, and can be found in everyone’s bathroom and kitchen.

An ice cold bottle or tall glass of ice water.


In my opinion, there are few physical ailments in this world that can’t be helped, at least in some small minute portion, by drinking as much ice cold water as you possibly can force down your frozen throat. (One of these ailments would probably be hypothermia, so please, use common sense!) In any case, drinking cold water has never made any of my headaches worse. (Again, think hypothermia here and use your judgment for each ailment.) Sometimes, the solutions that work the most magic on our bodies, despite all the technological advances in modern medicine, are the most basic, simple elements. Literally.

Drinking cold water calms me down when I’m upset, helps me re-balance if I feel dizzy or lightheaded (this happens a lot with working out and the bridal stress), helps you feel refreshed after a long day outside, and really makes my headaches seem at least more manageable. Hey, we all know what a good cold shower is good for!

Maybe it’s the placebo effect. (this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, anyone?) I read somewhere once that laying on your right side helps digestion and all that, so when I have a stomach ache, I lay on my right side and convince myself that what I’m doing is helpful. When you’re in pain, and desperate, sometimes mind is over matter. So take a cue from millions of years of experience of humans living off nature and the water supply, and next time you’re in pain, try cooling off with some nice ice water. And then call your doctor, because I really have no idea what I’m talking about.

Namaste, everyone. Cheers to ice water!