I didn’t think much was going to change. I had been dropping hints about rings and colors and destination weddings and time frames and groomsmen and bridesmaids and music for several months before the engagement. I had even encountered the first (of many) wedding-related arguments with my sister,( soon to be exasperated maid of honor) before there was any ring in sight.

So I didn’t think my mentality was going to shift as literally as it did. But I have been blessed with a very “involved” fiancé, an exuberantly enthusiastic mother, and a supportive father who admits that he has been dreaming about this day longer than I have.

I was shocked when, the very day after the perfect proposal in the snow, everything became “wedding, wedding”. In my mind, it had been “wedding, wedding” for months, but now everyone else was jumping on my bandwagon too! Things moved at lightning speed, right away. I called Priscilla’s of Boston to try to squeeze in a bridal appointment before my sister and I would both head back to school for months. All of a sudden we had the engagement party, only ten days after the actual engagement. The “wedding, wedding” mentality had spread, and it was contagious. No turning back, or dialing down, now.