Disclaimer: This is cheery Valentine’s Day post. Blame the afterglow from 5 day fiancé visit.

(photo courtesy of flowerspictures.com)

I was at CVS this morning, and of course the line was extra long due to last-minute Valentine’s Day treat shopping. Surrounded by buckets of colorful roses, and guys debating which chocolate confection to bring home to their love, the spirit of Valentine’s Day was undeniable. Mostly everyone had some kind of red or heart or love theme going on, whether it was the store décor or people’s fashion choices.

But then…wait…..wait. What could that be? Peeps!!! Peeking out from the corner shelf, there they were. The neon pastel packaging was undeniable. Why????? It’s Valentine’s Day, people!!! Peeps are for Easter- we’re a good two months away from pre-Easter indulgence of sugar overload.

It seems to be the norm in stores- supermarkets and convenience alike- they start breaking out skeletons and pumpkins in August, turkey and pilgrim décor in September, and Christmas trees and tinsel have taken over before Halloween even has a chance to shine. Then the New Year comes, everyone’s happy, basking, working out, yay, a break from holidays for a while! Oh nope, by mid January, it’s red and pink hearts and flowers everywhere. Then, before Valentine’s Day even gets to enjoy its 24 hours of love, the stores and Hallmark are already making way for the Easter bunny.

Why do we do this? Why do we rush through each holiday to get to the next one? Whether or not you like Valentine’s Day, you have to admit that everyone’s in a slightly nicer, more loving mood, so even if it is a candy and Hallmark card holiday, why not embrace the happiness and hearts everywhere? Candy tastes the same when wrapped in pretty pink paper, so enjoy it nonetheless. Let’s slow down, enjoy each day as it comes, and stop to smell the freaking roses.