Sooo….I’ve been planning the wedding to take place overlooking the lake on my parents’ beautiful property. But October in New England is not always outdoor-wedding friendly, so enter some major bridal anxiety. I had a nightmare about people wearing big red sweatshirts over their cocktail attire because it was so rainy and cold.

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The opportunity has presented itself to possibly change the locale of the ceremony, and have it inside a church instead. I know this would make my dad really happy, but I’ve always, always, always pictured myself getting married outside.

Possible issues with church ceremony? My fiance isn’t Catholic, the Church could be booked, they could make us move the time to a ridiculously early afternoon ceremony, they could insist on certain music, they might not let us say our own vows, they might make us do a ton of Pre-Cana (which would be physically impossible since we will both be living in California, 3000 miles away until a few days before the wedding), I’ve never liked the idea of sitting with my back to the guests during readings etc, they might have décor restrictions and rules, they might have other ceremony restrictions that could add to even more anxiety. We’d have to transport everyone to the church, and then from the church to the house, and then from the house back to their hotel (my parents don’t want anyone driving after this sure-to-be-fabulous-champagne-flowing-party), which is added logistical dilemma.

Possible issues with outdoor ceremony? My parents are NOT going for the “Let’s hope it doesn’t rain and go with the basic tent as a back up” option. They want the full beautiful white tent draped with fabric, complete with floor. My dad’s exact words? “You will NOT be walking through the mud in your wedding gown!” We’re already having a major elaborate(aka expen$ive) tent set up for dinner- lighting, heaters, floor, dance floor, décor, flowers, draped fabric, the works- it will really look like a warm, beautiful room. The added stress of an additional tent, plus chairs, plus labor to set up tent and then move chairs to dinner tent for reception, is not helping my cause for a simple set-up. Ideally, we won’t have a ceremony tent- but we will need to already have paid for one to have it there for back-up in case of rain. In my mind, I’m seeing the ideal, beautiful setting of getting married overlooking the lake, with the sun coming through and kissing the golden fall leaves, everyone happy and smiling in their seats, sans sweatshirts, and then walking over to the reception tent for dinner. Oh, plus a cocktail hour (with tent) in between.

What to do, what to do? Inside or outside? Dream outdoor ceremony and worry about rain? Suck it up, deal with church restrictions, make dad happy and not worry about weather?