With the advent of April comes the unavoidable adage “April Showers”. While we await the May flowers and impending Pilgrims, it’s time to talk about what this wacky weather does to our lovely, flowing locks. Whether it’s humidity, rain, or hours of ponytail-bound workouts and runs outside, this season wreaks some serious havoc on our hair. Luckily, there are some great products available to combat the daily stresses we put our tresses through- just in time to keep everything nice and conditioned for a summer of sun, sand and surf.

(photo courtesy of stylestips101.com)

Next time you’re stocking up on Easter candy, be sure to meander over to the hair care aisle for some spring rejuvenation.

I’ve found that Pantene gives you the most bang for your buck, and they literally have a huge selection for everyone. The Garnier products smell amazing, but I’ve found that my hair tends to get used to their formula quickly and will hold onto oil. I love Aussie conditioner as well.

Of course, not all hair treatments come cheap. I recommend indulging in one super salon styler, to use sparingly- only once a week or for super special occasions. One of my favorite brands is by hair mastermind John Frieda, who specializes by hair color (another plus: smells divine!) Whether you’re a brilliant brunette, sheer blonde, or a fellow radiant red, his products will keep your hair healthy and happy all season long.  If you’re willing to fork over a little bit more dough, you could indulge in one of the highest selling hair care products for the stars- Kerastase uses a luxurious French formula, and carries ranges of products depending upon your hair type and specific needs.

(photo courtesy of moroccanoil.com)

But my all-time favorite hair care secret is Moroccan Oil. The pretty turquoise packaging and French writing will reveal a deliciously smelling hair serum that will flatten fly-aways and keep hair smooth and soft. I slather some on before I use any harsh blowdryers or straighteners, and you can actually feel your hair become softer within about a week. They also carry hair masks to really coat in the moisture and heal damage. Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner are a bit on the pricey side, but you’ll smell and feel a difference. Check with your hairstylist about what else she recommends for your particular hair type.