Lately, it seems the stress of choosing a floral designer, cake flavors, centerpiece vessels, reserving a block of hotel rooms, etc. has really taken a toll and manifested itself in not-so-lovely little blemishes all over my face. Yes, it could be stress and anxiety, but the superior probability of excess Easter candy lurks within my mind as well.

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Whatever the reason, it seems that my face- and neck and shoulders- have decided to rebel against me. When I think about all the money, time and energy (usually in short supply after hours when my cozy bed is eagerly calling my name) I put into skincare, the more frustrated I become at these unwelcome visitors.

So I took stock of everything my face and neck come into contact with. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that I wipe my face with my hands during a sweaty workout (ew!). I swapped out my pillowcase-silk, and my favorite jersey fabric seems to be better already than the yucky, scratchy cotton or a pore-clogging satin sheen. I examined all my make-up- um, Chanel I think is ok, but I tossed the 2-year old CVS brand concealer I sporadically dabble on. Moisturizing seems to be incredibly important, so I started using my super Ginseng-rich, thick Jo Malone more sparingly in the mornings only, and stocked up on ever-favorite for off-days and before bedtime. It’s weird to think about all the different chemicals we put on and around our face, and then we freak out when our skin erupts.

Sure, it’s nothing a little spa treatment won’t fix. But as a budget-conscious, college graduating bride-to-be, I indulge in my very own at-home spa face mask treatment, courtesy of Origins. All the expensive products in the world, combined with the influx of beauty ads (Olay, Neutrogena, Aveeno, your head starts spinning eventually), it’s hard to narrow down exactly what works for each skin type, and more importantly, for my skin.

The trick to beautiful skin seems to be sifting through your existing products, trying new ones, moisturizing like crazy, drinking tons of water (check!) and above all, following your instincts to find your own perfect skin care regimen. Maybe laying off the Cadbury confections can’t hurt- at least Easter season is almost over!! My skin will be thankful.