No, not the haircut.

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I was re-watching Friends from the beginning (of course), this time to induct my fiancé into the wonderful world of Central Perk from the very start, when I noticed something interesting. The first time we see Jennifer Aniston on screen in her most famous role ever, she bursts onto the scene in a white wedding dress in all its poufy 1990’s glory.

It’s no secret that America’s favorite actress has had a bit of a rocky love life, as we all love to drool over when the daily tabloid rags proclaim new scandals about her. For all her TV and movie stardom and financial success, it seems that in real life, Rachel just can’t find her Ross.

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Sniggers and Brad Pitt jokes aside, seeing a young, doe-eyed and a touch plumper Jennifer exude adorable innocence after fleeing from the wedding chapel sheds a different light on the past several years worth of Life & Style fodder. She’s gone through several eligible bachelors- Vince Vaughn, John Mayer (what?) and Bradley Cooper to name a few- and the queen of Hollywood can of course afford to be picky when choosing a mate. Since he most loyal male in her love, beloved dog Norman, recently passed away, is it time for Jen to seriously think about settling down with a human companion?

Sure, she’s worn a wedding dress since that day on set, and sure, she’s lived a life glamorous and enviable enough to make her the target of cruel late night jokes as well as titles like “Sexiest Woman Alive”. But has the real-life Jennifer been able to capture that same capacity for love and commitment that Rachel finally found with Ross after? Hey, it took Rachel long enough. Maybe art is imitating life is imitating art. Or maybe Jen just needs to keep looking. I believe that one day, she will find her “lobster”.

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