He liked it so much he put a ring on it. With that new bling comes a whole new world of responsibility for keeping your sparkler sparkling. Of course, the best treatment is having your ring professionally cleaned by your jeweler.  I highly recommend having this done right before the wedding or any other special occasions- it’s not too expensive at all, most jewelers offer it for free:)

(photo courtesy of my fiance’s iPhone- that’s my ring!)

I didn’t know much about jewelry cleaners prior to The Diamond, so I did a little bit of research. Here are just a few of my newly found favorites. Be sure to do your own research before submerging your precious stone in anything, though! Every metal and stone is different! (That’s what makes them so special!)

(photo courtesy of proteadiamonds.com)

1. Connoisseurs

The classic in the red bottle, this is probably my at-home fave just to add some glimmer. You place your ring on the little tray, let it soak (I leave it in there for longer than the label says- usually while I’m in the shower! My ring gets clean while I do!) Then use the little brush to clean between every prong, all sides of the stone, and any other little crevices you might have. Different settings and cuts of stone need different little brushing techniques. Then admire the glitz returned to its former glory again!

(photo courtesy of pricegrabber.com)

2. La Sonic Supreme Jewelry Cleaner

The high-tech fix! This is more of an investment, but just swing by your local Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick up this tremendous trick. You place your jewels in the little tanks, and follow the directions using their cleaner and special cloth to remove grime and even stuck-on lint from your favorite pieces you wear everyday. The difference is dazzling!

(photo courtesy of istockphoto.com)

3. Toothpaste

You read that right. For the budget-friendly, easy, quick fixes, or when you don’t have time to let anything soak or run to the store to stock up on more cleaning solution. Just place your ring on a dry towel (and it’s a good idea to make sure all sink drains are closed!), grab a soft bristle toothbrush (not the one you use on your teeth), grab your favorite white toothpaste, and go to town. The soft little bristles are perfect for reaching into deeper channel settings or polishing the underside of the diamond. Results weren’t the same as the professional level or other products, but it only takes seconds to see the shine return and you sure can’t beat the price!

So now there’s no excuse not to shine your stunner whenever it needs it. You’re taking extra special care of your body, teeth, skin, nails and hair before the big day; why not give a little special attention to the bridal bling that started it all? Happy cleaning!