I’ve been craving something sweet that won’t wreak havoc on all of my harrowing hours sweating in the gym.

Chocolate ice cream? Good for the sweet tooth, not for the skinny jeans. All those little fiber bars that claim to have chocolate chips or raspberry flavored cheesecake? Sorry, but most of them taste like something the kittens would rather play with than eat.

But, banana bread has always been one of my favorite treats. When I was little, we used to make it in the pumpkin bread-offseason, from the blue Pillsbury box. But at my recent recipe-themed bridal shower, I was lucky enough to receive several delicious looking recipes. I couldn’t wait to try this fruity, fluffy fabulosity. Time to try from scratch! 

Today, I returned home from a very happy nail appointment to a Wifi-free home, so I seized the opportunity throw on my Glee playlist and whip up some baked banana nut goodness. The pink electric hand beaters and pink mixing bowls only added to the fun!

What I’ve learned: lemon juice not so important, but folding in the flour mixture and “creaming the butter”, with the mixer on very low speed, are vital steps! Patience is just as important as the pink beaters.

Results are in: this substituted for our dinner tonight, and in fact turned out to fill dessert’s time slot since Ghiradelli sundaes snucks in there for a celebratory, post-driving range dinner. Hey, not all sweet tooth cravings can be avoided!

Bon Apetit!

Media Credits: all photos from my iPhone