My obsession with all things Gwyneth Paltrow is no secret. So it was really just a matter of time until I tried something from her fabulous cookbook, My Father’s Daughter. Thanks to the best Maid of Honor ever, my sister Julia, for the gift!

After reading through all her enticing recipes and advice about cooking, I settled on two choices: a fresh fish dish, Sole a la Grenlobloise, with a super-healthy looking side dish of Fried Rice with Kale and Scallions.

First, I looked at her “total and active prep times” (a very much appreciated feature of her book) and figured out that I would need about 30 minutes total to make both dishes. I started to work, but then realized the recipe called to “steam” kale. I do not know how to “steam” anything, let alone kale, which I’ve only recently been introduced to via health foodies everywhere.

But then I realized, I was using my FABULOUS rice cooker (a gift from my mom several months ago that I’ve used maybe twice before this). I could cook the rice in the bottom portion of the rice cooker, and then use the top metal basket thing that I had previously ignored as a silly attachment that I simply could not figure out how to use, to “steam” the kale on top of the rice. Voila! Problem solved! Yummy, steamed kale and delicious cooked brown rice in just 7 minutes.

Dinner was a success. The flour and milk coating for the fish was a bit messy, and I will warn you: sole is not a very flavorful fish, so don’t skip the lemon circles! Also, the smell lingers, so be sure to toss the trash bag right away. What a quick, easy recipe to make a healthy, Gwyneth-inspired evening.

The real hero of the recipe (besides her GOOPness, of course) was my rice cooker. I highly recommend picking one up. I now use it all the time- just throw the rice in for 20 minutes, and it automatically stops once its cooked but keeps it warm until you’re ready to serve it. What could be better? Oh yes, a metal basket on top that steams the kale:)

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