The time has come to step up the workout routine. I’ve never enjoyed it, but I have discovered and come to crave the endorphin rush of the last three minutes until the end of a nice, sweaty workout.

Since my dress fitting in June, I’ve already lost weight (!), but I know I’m supposed to be toning rather than losing, so we don’t have to give Priscilla’s of Boston another $500 check for alterations. Oh wait, they don’t take checks…ugh, don’t get me started. Anyway, moving on.

I always start my workout on the elliptical. Ever since that dreadful day when I unknowingly removed myself from the treadmill and suffered rug burn but a bigger wound to my ego, I’ve been an elliptical lover. However, I was spoiled at my university’s FAC (admittedly THE nicest gym I will ever belong to), because their elliptical machines came equipped with CardioTV, so I could watch Project Runway, Say Yes to the Dress to keep myself motivated, or, if nothing else was on, Judge Judy. But here in Monterey, this fitness center has one large TV mounted on the wall for all the machines to share, and no headphone plug-ins to actually listen to Rachael Ray while she’s on. (Hey, my fiancé comes with a free gym membership, courtesy of the Navy, so I’m not complaining!)

So, I have discovered the key to enduring my cardio torment: a bright, shiny, glossy magazine. Not thoughts of my wedding dress, or a bikini, or yoga pants, or my wedding dress, or being healthy and fit, or my wedding dress…ok maybe my wedding dress creeps in my mind and motivates me a little.

But whether it’s InStyle, Fitness (talk about motivation!), Shape, (ditto motivation), or even Good Housekeeping, just having something to look at, flip through, focus on and read while sweating it out is better than counting the calories I’ve burned or watching the minutes tick by.

Luckily, the weight training room has mirrors on three sides, so no lack of motivation there!! Wedding dress, wedding dress, wedding dress…

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