“’Cause she’s Kelly. And she’s Ripa. She’s Kelly Ripa.” To quote the delicious Sean Hayes character Jack on the erstwhile hit Will & Grace, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t adore the adorable morning TV host.


Recently, Mrs. Mark Consuelos made ripples when she compared men’s chivalry of paying for dinner to a woman enduring childbirth, and equating the experiences and responsibilities. She’s also made headlines and tabloid covers for her rockin’ bod, with some claiming she’s too thin or too ripped (well, maybe she’s just trying to match her last name!)


This former soap actress and mother of three is quite the busy lady. With her morning gig on Live with Regis and Kelly, her 2003 TV sitcom Hope & Faith, those Fruit20 and Electrolux ad campaigns, and taking care of a super hot soap opera actor husband and three kids, she certainly has a lot on her plate.

But from the looks of her, she isn’t eating anything on her plate except salad.


The girl is super tiny. And fit. And strong. And buff. While we may not all possess the willpower to stay away from chocolate chip cookies or pizza like Kelly, I’ve delved into discovered some of her surefire workout tips that help her keep that slammin’ body.


Shape magazine led a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Kelly’s workout regimen, to find out how she stays so slim. Some reveals:

1. Sitting with your hands behind you, lift your hips up off the floor. Lift the right knee slowly, keeping toes pointed toward the ceiling. Your leg should be bent about 90 degrees. Keep elbows softly bent and then lower hips down to the floor. Repeat several times on each leg. Kelly alternates with both straight and bent arms.






2. Standing next to a tall counter or chair, balance on your right leg with your toes turned toward the chair/counter. Balancing on your bent right elbow on the chair, raise your left leg off the floor, keeping it parallel to the floor, with your toes pointed and knee bent. In 2 small pulses, bring your leg forward until it is directly in front of you, then do 2 small pulses back to starting position. Do several reps for about 2 minutes, then switch legs. You will feel the burn!

Of course, these are just a few of Kelly’s go-to moves. She also incorporates squats, exercise balls, rolling crunches, surfing and running into her routine. Hit up shape.com to see more of Kelly’s tricks for staying so trim!


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