“Would you tell me what the hell is that?”


“A dress.”


“Says who?”


“Calvin Klein.”


This exchange between adorably Clueless Cher and her uber-protective father, circa 1995, is but one example of the ever-lasting and timeless appeal of one of America’s favorite native designers.


Calvin Klein has been a celebrity favorite since he first popped up on the scene in 1968. For decades, hardly a starlet has graced a People magazine cover without donning one of his creations. Here’s my favorite girl crush Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a Calvin Klein dream on the Academy Awards red carpet a few months ago.

Even if you don’t have a movie premiere or magazine photo shoot to dress for, you can enjoy those jeans and other fashions in your everyday life. Calvin is also a handy go-to for one of life’s trickier shopping situations: dressing you and your guy. You both want to look fabulous, and complement each other without pulling a Justin-Britney denim disaster back in 2001. So if you want your fashion sense (and relationship) to stand the test of time, Calvin Klein is your answer.


Their selection of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories is enough to keep any his-and-hers closet stocked with great investment, staple pieces as well as the latest trends. Calvin Klein is one of those great finds that allow you and your favorite guy can enjoy a shopping spree together.

I personally love Calvin’s classic pieces: cotton button downs, soft sweaters and even jeans. These are not only stylish, but they last forever. Stock up on some timeless pieces that will easily transition between every season, and also carry into an effortlessly professional look. Here are some of my favorite Calvin looks.

We know that nothing gets between Brooke Shileds and her Calvins, but when it comes to the guys, they tend to crave a bit more comfort and-ahem- support. Calvin’s line of deliciously soft boxers and briefs will ensure that your favorite guy will have no problem channeling Marky Mark and modeling his Calvin undies for you. So why not pick up a pair and enjoy your eye candy! These are a few of my favorite styles and colors for men’s underwear. Try not to drool.

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Alicia Silverstone photo courtesy of the findbuzz.com

Gwyneth Paltrow photo courtesy of queenbe.com

Brooke Shields photo courtesy of nypost.com

All fashion images courtesy of calvinklein.com