Your favorite pair of jeans. Are you picturing something specific in your head? Or are you still on the search? There are many factors to consider when selecting denim worthy of the title of “favorite”. You need something comfortable, yet stylish. Something sexy but also appropriate for errands. The perfect pair of jeans can take you from a walk in the park in flip flops, to a run to the store in flats, to a night out dancing in towering heels.


Your go-to jeans have a lot to live up to.


When it gets to be too warm for coats and corduroys, but too cool for skirts or shorts, the perfect pair of jeans is a vital staple. Light color signals Spring, dark color keeps you feeling slim. Here are some of my favorite brands for all your denim needs, just in time for spring, or something you can use all year round:

Springtime Sexy

This season, I’m obsessed with grey denim. The color just seems to go better with all the colorful, springtime tops and lightweight jackets. This past week, I found the per-fect pair of grey skinny jeans at Banana Republic. (On sale!)

Beachside Blues

When searching for the perfect pair of jeans for long, romantic walks on the beach, or just hanging out a barbecue, length is an essential element in the search for the perfect summer jean. You want something long enough to cover your ankles from the chilly (and mosquito ridden) nights, but something short enough so that it won’t drag in the sand when you’re running playing beach volleyball. My fave, easy-as-corn-on-the-cob jeans for summer come by way of Buckle. For summer, I like to go with a nice, loose, comfy fit for maximum movement and comfort.


Sexy Silhouette

Finally no girl should be without that ideal pair that makes your legs feel longer and your butt look amazing. Jbrand is notoriously fabulous at achieving this look. There are tons of styles, fits and washes to choose from. I recommend investing in one darker pair to wear with heels and one more laid back pair to wear with casual flats. (Louboutins not required)














So get ready for the new season blossoming, and begin your quest for your new favorite pair. You can never have too many pairs of jeans or too many denim options for those wonderful summer nights.


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