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There’s no denying it: leggings have emerged from the vault of 80’s fashion, and they are here to stay. Tricky part is, how to work this trend without crossing over into a Striperella Spandex quagmire. There are a few rules to keep in mind and some great options to keep your legs warm and fashionable for Fall.

1. Cover the Caboose– This most important rule seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many bare derrieres I’ve seen strolling across campus, confident as ever even without backside coverage. The idea is to keep a sleek, streamlined look of comfy leggings under a nice tunic or jacket, neatly tucked into boots. Not in lieu of regular pants. If you want to go the black knit pant route, there are plenty of great yoga pants options out there- victoriassecret.com is my favorite. If you are going to brave the legging look, be sure you choose an oversized Tshirt or long sweater that adequately covers everything. It’s just not a cute sight to see unsupported, uncovered, clingy leggings clutching to your bottom. Do yourself a favor and err on the side of length.




2. Color Me Basic- Yes, leggings have returned to our staple wardrobe, but the vibrant, fluorescent neon colors are firmly stuck back in the 80’s, thank Coco Chanel. Keep that in mind when selecting your outfit- stick with black, dark grey, charcoal or brown hues that flatter your lower body and easily match an array of choices. Keep the creative color bursts for your statement sweaters, yummy scarves or even bold camisoles peeking out underneath a blazer. This is an easy way to keep the legging look very flattering, sophisticated, and modern.

3. Riding High- Another important part of leggings is that they stay neatly tucked in to aforementioned boots. Now, I’m not a fan of stirrup pants at all- some 80’s fashions should never be revived- but Rachel Zoe has opened our eyes to a great alternative, available from Alexander Wang, that will keep your leggings perfectly in place under your fabulous fall boots when you’re running around all over campus.




4. Leather Love- A sexier option for a flashy night out, these “liquid” leggings add some pop and shine to any outfit. This can very easily be confused with a stripper look, so be sure to keep it conservative on top and pair these with your favorite pumps for a dazzling night on the town.

So now you have 4 easy rules for rocking the legging trend all fall- remember to stay nice and covered up. Keep cozy this fall with leggings under a big yummy sweater and camisole, or style it up with a sharp blazer and fabulous boots.


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