Sometimes, life is bleak. Sometimes the darkness out-shadows the light of our lives, and sometimes it’s hard to focus on the peaks when the pits are so massive. When the recesses of doubt and depression threaten to swallow us whole and pull us into the abyss of tears, it’s important to find our own unique silver lining.


Everyone has something that pulls them up after a downer of a day. Everyone has a relaxation after a “stressfest”.


Some of my favorites? Pedicures, Pilates, and peanut M&Ms are always good. But for a quick fix, one I can count on every day, I need look no further than my tea pot: Chamomile always does the trick.


When I’m sick, when I feel fat, when I feel really good and healthy, when I feel sleepy, when I need to relax, when I feel cold, when I feel alone…I pour myself some soothing “Cozy Chamomile”, to quote my favorite brand Bigelow.


Chamomile was by my side (in my cup, more like it) when I woke up at 4am to watch the Royal Wedding. The warm, inviting aroma and silky textures transported me to glorious Britain, where I could have my very own “princess” moment. I rarely indulge in caffeine anymore (soda is just ridiculously bad for you), so the caffeine-free option is good for my blood pressure, and the light color is good for my teeth. It’s inexpensive, easy and good for you. Chamomile just warms my heart, body and soul, and it’s a hard feeling to replicate.


Next time the world is kicking you in the stomach and all the doors are slamming in your face, try a new system of relaxation and treat yourself to a little bit of chamomile. Give yourself a break with sugar, French Vanilla coffemate, cream or just the pure, flowery flavor. Nothing can hurt you when you’re indulging in a soothing, warm spot of tea.

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