Well, on my eyes actually.


This is my first edition of “On My Face”, an upcoming series of reviews, tricks and secrets of my favorite beauty products.


I have chosen Trish McEvoy as my inaugural “On My Face” brand because, well, her collection dominates my eyes.


I first discovered the wonder that is Trish McEvoy’s Lash Curling mascara in my senior year of high school. I had struggled to find a mascara that didn’t leave those little raccoon traces under my eyes after the end of a long day of school and sports. I was visiting Washington, D.C. with my mom a college tour, and we decided around 9am that the school we were visiting just wasn’t the place for me. So we cut our losses, and decided to meet up with my godmother, my Auntie Jackie, who lived nearby. After a delicious lunch, we stopped into a local department store, and were browsing the beauty counters. Auntie Jackie gave a rave review of all things Trish, so I decided to try it. My mom was good enough to subsidize my adventure, we flew back to Boston and I’ve been hooked on Trish McEvoy ever since.


Yes, the mascara is pricey, but it’s the only thing I allow to touch my eyelashes. It literally does not smudge or run all day long. It comes off in clumps when I wash m y face, and even then I have to rub very hard to remove.


Moving onto eye shadows and liners:

I’ve also always had a problem finding a decent eyeliner that wouldn’t give me the “sleepy” look. I have very dark eyes, and if I put even a dash too much liner on, my eyes instantly appear hooded, and my whole look becomes way too dramatic. I finally came across Chanel Kohl liners, in the rues de Paris, bien sur. I use the dark brown pencil on my inner lower and upper lids, and for a pop of alertness for late night excursions, I use the white pencil just on the inner rims, almost the bridge of my nose. Not enough to make it ‘90’s white eyeshadow, just a pop of highlighting to catch the shimmer and light, and to soften the dramatic darks.

But this past summer, I received an email from a Beauty Consultant at Nordstrom, offering me $50 off my next purchase if I spoke with a Beauty Specialist. I grumbled “ohh, okayyyyy,” and dragged myself to my favorite Nordstrom, thinking I would just use the $50 toward my next Trish McEvoy mascara replenishment. Well, thirty minutes and $300 later, I had acquired my very own Trish kit, complete with a dark brown eyeliner that is applied with a special, superfine brush, lightly along the rims of upper and lower lids. The concept shocked me, but when the consultant showed me, I was hooked. It stays put, and it’s super easy to pull of a smoky eye when you don’t have to use a Q-tip to get perfect application, exactly where you want it. The brush is definitely vital, and you only have to fork over the money once. In my opinion, the perfect eyeliner look is priceless, even if investing in the brush and eyeliner compact is initially a bit pricier than simply picking up a new eye pencil.


She sold me on Trish McEvoy eyeshadow as well. Their special eyeshadow primer, a sort of clear concealer, is applied with a special brush directly on your eyelid, to hold the shadow and prevent creases. The “eyebase” is fantastic!


She showed me the best color for my eyes: surprisingly, a light gold lightly dusted over my entire eye, covered by a light lavender purple (I was very skeptical, but it looked like a light brown when on my eyes), and then a darker plum to add some pop to the sides. I was shocked, but hooked. Everything comes in an adorable little black quilted kit, called the MakeUp Planner, with the eyeshadow and liner pallettes all locking in place like a binder. Perfect!

Needless to say, Trish McEvoy is my favorite beauty designer, eye-wise. For more info, check out trishmcevoy.com or hit up the beauty consultant at your favorite Neiman’s or Nordstrom.




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