I know, I know…I just did an entire post devoted to all my favorite denim. But, one of my favorite brands didn’t quite make the first post (not sure why) and I am overwhelmed with the urge to give it a shoutout and share my love for Sang Real jeans!

Here’s the backstory: I was visiting my boyfriend (now the fiancé) in San Diego during his Spring Break his junior year of college ( I took a few days off, shh don’t tell anyone haha) We were venturing out of our gorgeous Coronado hotel, and of course I had to stick my toes in the f-f-f-reeezing Pacific Ocean!

Well, of course I got a teensy bit too close, and the bottom of my Citizens of Humanity jeans paid the price. Yup, the bottoms were sacrificed to the sand and salt water gods, and I was forced to admit defeat after a few minutes of trying to walk around, pretending I wasn’t suffering.

Of course that was the only pair of blue jeans that had made the 3000 mile trip ( I had some white denim and skirts, but I desperately needed jeans, stat!) So I popped into a local, no-name boutique and hit the jackpot. I discovered the wonder that is Sang Real, and they have cemented their place on the list of my favorite jeans. They’re probably Number 1 on my fiance’s list- they’re a tad long, so I always have to wear heels when I wear them, which he loooves of course!

I love the way they fit. They’re long, but all jeans are long on me. I like the way they appear perfectly fitted- they’re tight enough to be flattering and make my legs look skinner, but I can cross my legs, sit cross-legged, and move around with total freedom. What they do for my butt is borderline plasticsurgery-meets-squats-fantastic. No lie. I adore the small medallion on the outer side of the pant leg- not sure what it does, but it just adds that pop of edge to an otherwise super feminine cut.

I added to the Sang Real collection the following summer, when I bought a pair at the small Mashpee Commons boutique where I was working. Maybe I liked those because I fit into a size smaller? Maybe I just love the brand and wanted to keep the great memory of San Diego going. Not sure, but I love me some Sang Real jeans.

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