You know how people have signature scents? When you catch a whiff of a certain aroma, it reminds you of them. Their home, car, clothes and even gifts from them carry the scent. When someone walks into your home, whether it’s the UPS guy delivering a package, your neighbors stopping by for tea, or even the in-laws popping in for an impromptu visit, it is of the utmost importance to keep our home smelling inviting, at all times. You want people to associate you, and your home, with a warm, delicious smell. Whether you inhabit a tiny studio apartment or a sprawling mansion, scent is the quickest way to add the “cozy” and “luxury” factors.


With two kittens in the house, plus all the new cooking adventures I’ve been embarking upon lately, with the stress of working all week, planning a wedding and making time to work out, a scented candle takes on a new power.

Candles and scents are vital to my relaxation and stress relief. We are all familiar with the power of scented candles to transport us to a far away land, whether it’s a beach on the isle of Hawaii, a meadow of flowers, a kitchen full of warm, from-the-oven cookies, or even into a basket of fresh laundry. Instead of heavy, thick aerosol sprays, a refreshing, intoxicating scent by candle is definitely the way to go. You instantly feel more comfortable and at home when surrounded by a warm flame.


There are of course the high-end, luxurious designer brands of candles (Jo Malone for the bathroom, anyone?) To bring the romance, there are several different varieties: soy, traditional wax, or even burning incense oil. But my favorites are of course the Yankee Candle classics, and the easy, cheap Glade options you can pick up at Tar-jay or the grocery store. My current favorite scents are Hawaiian Breeze, and Tommy Bahama’s Pineapple Paradise signature yellow fragrance.



I like to carry one fragrance throughout the entire house, but you can also organize your fragrances by room, or entice with a warm, strong candle flavor for the upstairs and then transition to a lighter, more mellow trail for upstairs. Whichever you choose, scented candles are, in my opinion, the best way to keep your home smelling delicious all day long.

Keep in mind fire safety, however. With the kitties’ curiosity, protective candle holders are a must in my house. Sometimes I’ll leave an open flame to burn while I am sitting in front of the TV or waiting for laundry to finish. I love how the light fragrance carries throughout the entire house, even once I blow out the flame.

So grab some matches, pick up your favorite candle scent, and get to relaxing and indulging your senses!







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