For the main event, less is more.

This semi-paradoxical dynamic is one of the most important tips in learning to apply make-up. It’s never attractive when you see the baseline of someone’s jaw, the foundation color’s jarring juxtaposition with the natural skin color on their neck. The trick is to blend, blend blend.


I always apply moisturizer, primer and foundation with my fingertips. I’ve tried the fancy foundation brushes and those white wedges, and they never seem to work perfectly for me. This is a personal preference, though, and some people can achieve a flawless look with the help of brushes. The key is to gently trace downward on your jaw, toward your neck, reaching out toward your ears and the tips of your shoulders (I know that sounds weird, but that’s what I picture when I’m doing it!) You want to lightly, gradually decrease the amount of make-up visible, so that there’s a natural flow down to the natural color of your neck and collarbone. Don’t forget right under your neck, that patch of delicate skin right in front of your earlobe. That’s a classic pale skin give-away spot!


So now that we’ve covered where to apply, it’s time to decide on our favorite brand!


Team 1: Primers

In my opinion, a primer is a vital step in the face make-up process.


MakeUp Forever Paris is a flawless option. The silky white primer moisturizes and covers pores, to make for a perfectly even palette for foundation application. This option is quite pricey, and the tubes seem to run empty awfully quickly if you use primer every day.

But my least favorite aspect of the MakeUp Forever Paris primer that I’ve tried has to be its inability to travel. Once you’ve opened the tube, it’s impossible to stop the pump from producing more lotion. As much as I try to turn the pump closed, whenever I arrive at a new location, the inside of my Ziploc bag is always covered in primer. As someone who’s been traveling very often, that was quite the downside for a makeup! Maybe that’s why it empties so fast? I highly recommend keeping this in one safe location.


My current primer is Laura Mercier. When I ran out of MakeUp Forever, I decided to brave the department store counter and try a new adventure. After research and reviews, I chose this famous face brand. I’ve been very happy with the results so far, and I like the screw-bottom cap much better than the pump dispenser.



Team 2: Foundation

Foundation is probably the most important aspect of a fully made up face. The coverage of blemishes, discoloration, pores and all imperfections is what makes us feel a little bit more polished and put together as we brave the day. Once you’ve perfected the flawless blending application process, the opportunities for high-end foundation are endless.

In my opinion, foundation is the place to spend some serious money. You want to invest in something you’re lathering on your face for eight hours a day. My current favorite is Chanel Pro Lumiere. Oily skin tends to get shiny easily, so I like the Matte coverage. I’m loving everything about it, from the beautiful glass Chanel packaging, to the deliciously smooth feeling on my face.

Team 3: Tinted Moisturizers

Ah, the wonder of tinted moisturization. The sun veil of SPF and lightweight coverage is perfect for a casual day when you don’t have the time to blend in a heavy foundation, or if you’re going for a more natural look. Remember less is more?


I am a huge fan of anything GM Collins. This luxurious French brand has been almost a little secret of mine, as I’ve yet to meet anyone else who has heard of it. I was introduced in the summer of 2009 when my facialist at a Cape Cod spa recommended the specific skin care line. The oily skin edition, coded by the color bleu, has everything from cleanser, toner, and this fabulous after gel that makes my skin feel tingly and insanely clean. What could be better than to continue the lovefest on my face with a coordinating moisturizer that offers a hint of coverage and beauty.


I also love how tinted moisturizers don’t feel like you’re wearing make-up. You can rest your chin on your face (even though I know this bad for your pores, it does happen sometimes!) and when you rest your face on your white pillowcase after a long day, you don’t leave a trail of pigment behind. Proper face washing is still incredibly important, and I’ve always believed that the best make-up is great skincare. (That edition of “On My Face” coming at a later date!)


So that’s what touches my face, from a heavy-handed glamorous make up day in Chanel to a casual, lightweight tinted moisturizer.


Next up for “On My Face” is Powders, Concealers and Blushes!!


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