Remember when Zoe Saldana was just the hot, spunky ballerina Eva Rodriguez? Think way back to pre-Givenchy dress moment on the Red Carpet, pre-Star Trek iconic role, pre-magazine covers, pre-Avatar (you know, the highest grossing movie of all time)…

As much as her life has changed for the more successful and recognizable, this starlet has kept her workout plan simple and consistent. The Pilates devotee trains three times a week, using her professional dance background to keep her body sculpted, long and lean (yes that really was her dancing in afore-mentioned Center Stage!) She admits it’s not easy to stay motivated and balanced, and that she loves her some personal trainer time.


She let slip that “If I didn’t have a trainer to push me, I’d go for a walk for about 15 minutes”- well, looks like she has one helluva trainer pushing her! This Calvin Klein ad (insanely sexy TV monologue not included, so sorry) proves that she really knows how to work it out in the gym.




Zoe treats her body well, with a balanced, healthy diet, sprinkled with indulgences. “I pig out on pasta” she gushed to Women’s Health. Whatever she’s going, it’s working!


Her spunky attitude, positive outlook on her body and fitness, and her natural stunning glow certainly has made her one to watch.


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