Lately, I’ve seen lots of beauty posts on blogs, forums, and my favorite websites ( and top the list of course) featuring one similar topic: nail polish.


I’ve had a perma-French manicure since the ninth grade, thanks to acrylic and now gel tips. LOVE! I know it’s frivolous, high maintenance, and yes, it is my luxury and guilty pleasure. (Okay, it’s one of my guilty pleasures…)

I rationalize this expense by pointing out that I’ve never spent one penny on the color of my hair, while many of my girlfriends spend up to $500 a month on highlights and hair color. Also, I have a touch of nail polish OCD, which means I haaaaate the look of chipped nail polish. Hate. Loathe. As in it would interfere with my daily life, and I would be forever distracted by chipping off every inch of nail polish so they all match and then furiously re-painting them every night.


Ok, so that’s me rationalizing my must-have manicures.


Now, the pedicure, that is a horse of a different color.


A pedicure is the time to indulge, and to allow yourself to be completely pampered. That being said, since I’m forking over the money for my hands to be tended to every 2-3 weeks at the salon, I have been known to paint my own toenails. Which is a problem, because thanks to years of en pointe ballet training and then simultaneously shoving those delicate, blistered, aching ballet feet into tight soccer cleats has left my feet super screwed up and warped. I never fail to give myself an ingrown toenail every time I do a home pedicure with my wonderful foot spa.

So I love leaving it to the professionals sitting back in the massage chair and soaking up the glamour. Every fashionista’s feet deserve a treat once in a while- we torment our toes by shoving them into stilettos all day, after all!



Beauty writers and stylists alike love to discuss, belabor, argue and prophesize about the “hottest” nail colors for Summer and Fall. People that are brave enough to often change up their nail colors have my admiration and respect. I tend to be boring when it comes to toenail color, too. Yup, my nails are always French tips and my pedicure is always the same.


Now, I have experimented. I didn’t marry my first boyfriend. (oh wait, the wedding is in October! Scratch that:) ) Anyway, I’ve flirted where it matters: I’ve tried different colors of Essie ( I loved their lilac color for Spring!) and OPI’s names are just too much fun to pass up. I love how updating a nail polish look signals a new style, a new season, even a new outfit. And I won’t lie- most of my “studying” for 9th grade Biology tests mostly consisted of me trying new colors on my toes. But after all that experimentation, I found my one true love. And yes, I’ve been resigned to the “boring” same old pedicure every time I indulge.



Why? The answer is loyalty. If it’s not chipped, why fix it?

I just simply A-D-O-R-E OPI’s delicious color Japanese Rose Garden. The perfect mix of blush, crocus, fuschia, sunset, lilac and magenta all weave together perfectly to complement my fair coloring, red hair and pink undertones. That is super important, right?

I can say I’ve been loyal to this color for the past eight months, at least. I took a brief break, we’ll call it my “one-night-stand” with Pink-ing Of You for my May bridal shower (which was my first professional pedicure in like, eight weeks, since Easter in Florida had called for flip flops desperately!) But next time around, at my first pedicure at my new salon in Carmel, CA, I went back to my first love. Ahhh, the joy of Japanese Rose Garden.



Call me crazy, but it makes me feel comfortable. I don’t have to worry about anxiously peeking over my magazine or iPad to see if the color was what I expected, and if it looks good on my toes. Nope, I know what I’m doing. Remember how we said a spa pedicure was the ultimate relaxation, pampering treat you can give yourself? I was doing myself a favor by returning to what I know and love.

Here’s the finished product, in two images, one with iPhone’s HDR flash and one without, to better showcase the purple undertones. Don’t make fun of my feet: I told you they were ballerina-warped!!











What’s your favorite OPI color? If not an OPI fan, what’s your favorite brand for your mani/pedi needs?



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