In the final 6 weeks of wedding prep, diet becomes of the utmost importance. What I eat affects my skin, energy level, and of course the fit of my dress. Which means chocolate and peanut butter, two of my favorite treats in the world, are off-limits. Sad face.

The sweet tooth doesn’t go away. After dinner, I still want a little treat. Since I’m working so hard at the gym, I need a little something sweet to satisfy me.

Today, I did a little happy dance, because I stumbled upon a wonderfully delicious, chocolatey, peanut buttery piece of goodness.

A few weeks ago, a TV commercial for Nature Valley Granola Thins came across when watching Say Yes to the Dress. My fiancé (I got a good one- he sits with his laptop but watches with me shh!) They just looked so yummy, and I picked some up at the market. I love  the crunchiness Nature Valleys’s granola bars, and these new additions do not disappoint!

But of course, after a long day of work, that Reese’s craving kicked in. However, I was not about to undo all my long hours spent sweating in the gym. So I decided to create my own, healthy, wedding dress-friendly little pseudo- Reese’s concoction.

Instructions: unwrap a Dark Chocolate Granola Thin, unwrap a Peanut Butter Granola Thin, smoosh them together, with crunchy sides facing out, peanut butter touching chocolate, and feel the happiness of peanut butter and chocolate on your tastebuds.

Delicious!!! I can’t get enough. Well, one a day. At 80 calories per Granola Thin, this is certainly a Reese’s-imitation treat I can feel comfortable about.

Chocolate and peanut butter, bride-approved.


What are some of your favorite healthy indulgences?

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