This adorable, big-as-a-minute co-host of The View has certainly made a name for herself. She’s become known for her unapologetic attitude, outspoken political views as well as those itsy bitsy Michael Kors outfis she dons every day.

This New England native (yay!) became a huge voice for celiacs, people suffering from gluten intolerance. She has spoken publicly about her struggle, and wrote a book, The G-Free Diet: A Fluten-Free Survival Guide to help others who need to rid their lives of all things gluten.

This means she sustains herself with corn, potatoes, rice, beans, nuts, seeds, soymilk or whole milk, plus lots of fruit and veggies and juices. She’s started a platform about healthy living and not giving up the foods you love, or becoming a social outcast when dining out at restaurants. Her go-to snacks? Almonds, fresh fruits and lots and lots of water.

She’s also a huge workout fan. Married to pro athlete Tim Hasselbeck, Elisabeth is no stranger to strenuous physical activity. She starred on Survivor back in 2001 and in June of 2004 she ran through the busy streets of New York City carrying the Olympic Torch before the games kicked off in Athens, Greece.

The girl has confidence to spare. In 2008, at age 31, she graced the cover of Fitness magazine just 14 weeks (!) after giving birth to her second child (she now has three: Grace, Taylor Thomas and youngest Isaiah) and spoke about her focus toward health, not weight. She shared some of her workout tips, courtesy of La Palestra, which include running, strength training and lots of core strengthening exercises.

But her whole fitness program is dedicated to making her stronger and healthier as a whole person, not focusing on certain trouble areas she wants to fix. She only does a long, luxurious run once a week now, as opposed to running her body into the ground every day like she used to do, in her pre-baby days. Her program stresses the importance of rest days, and that her plan is to “feel renewed, strong, and determined” as a new mom, as opposed to skinny and starving.

It’s working for Elisabeth, so if that’s the secret to looking this slammin’, sign us up!

Whether you agree or disagree with her conservative views or the way she debates on The View, her confidence about her body, and healthy attitude about working out and eating right as a busy mom make Elisabeth Hasselbeck an intriguing, intelligent fitness inspiration.

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