I remember during the swine flu epidemic when my college class president signed off campus-wide emails with “Peace, Love and Purell”.

Well, thankfully, the outbreaks have passed, but health and hygiene are still of the utmost importance to make sure it stays that way. Vitamin C supplements, lots of rest and plenty of OJ are vital in maintaining your health and to prevent the spread of disease to those around you. With all the terrifying statistics of how many hundreds of germs thrive on doorknobs, pens, the treadmill at the gym, and even your steering wheel, hand sanitization has never been more important.

Luckily, now there are tons of stylish, moisturizing ways to keep your hands safe and your body healthy. Here are some of my favorites:




 1. Purell, the Classic

You can’t go wrong with this army against germs. Eradicate 99.9% of germs every time you spritz. You should keep one of these by your front door, and apply the second you walk in.

2. Gold Bond Ultimate Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer

A more stylish option that you can leave on your desk at work, this lotion doesn’t scream “I KILL GERMS!!!” so you can discreetly apply after shaking hands at the morning meeting or using the copy machine. This also severely moisturizes your hands, so none of that alcohol smell or starchy after-feeling lingers.

 3. Germ –X

This new-age, antibacterial foam wash is great for common spaces where lots of people gather, because you can just leave it next to the sink in the kitchen or by the door.  I love that these come in little purse-perfect packets, and larger tubs of wipes to sanitize your phone, keyboard, or car door handle every morning. ( You simply MUST wipe down any workout equipment before and after each use- benches and hand weights included!)

So there you have it! Hand sanitization at its most stylish and effective. Now there is no excuse for not lathering up every time you leave the house (and come home!) It takes less than 15 seconds to kill germs, but yuckiness leading to colds, staff infections, or the flu takes much longer to treat.

What are some of your favorite hand sanitizers? What is one thing you always make sure to wipe down thoroughly?

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