Perhaps a more appropriate title for this post would be Fitness “Freak”. Because that’s what Jennifer Aniston is. Besides being perhaps the most recognizable face in Hollywood and the Sexiest Woman Alive a few times over, (Details magazine and Daily Motion, just to name a few) she is a fitness fan-a-tic, and has the killer body to prove it.



She’s famous for her gorgeous hair, her hearty laugh, that ex-husband, her tumultuous love life since then, and her fierce love for her dogs.

That body is just an extra on the list of fabulous things about Jennifer Aniston. To achieve that Holy Grail of a fit body, she takes care of herself through running, and has been one of the most vocal (read: video-starring) celebrities about the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of yoga.


According to her friend and yoga guru, Mandy Ingber, and her DVD , Jen’s favorite pose is Tree Pose. This pose truly engages the whole body, working those inner thigh muscles, activating the core, and opening the lungs to breathe in some fresh air. From the looks of her, Jen also spends some serious time in front and side planks, Butterfly pose, Sun Salutations, plie squats with Temple, Warrior poses, and basically any other toning, tough stance you can think of.

(Btw- Mandy has also gone on the record and called Jen a “freak” for being able to hold tree pose longer than she can!)

So what’s the secret of Jen’s success? Is it all that Smart Water she’s been promoting? Perhaps it stems from her inner peace, and ability to center herself and remain calm and balanced despite the hectic chaos swirling around her.  

Balance seems to be the key in Jen’s world. She told the Daily Mirror “Work, exercise, diet, you need balance.” Use whatever word you want-if yoga is the secret to looking this amazing at 42, it’s worth a shot! Sign me up for the next yoga class, please!




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