There’s something deliciously soothing about lavender. The color, the scent, and the whimsical ambiance all evoke a mood of sensual wonderment.

Which is exactly what you will feel like when you slip your feet into the greatest thing for feet since a spa pedicure. This luxurious indulgence comes courtesy of Vera Wang.


I was just re-watching Bride Wars again on TV (hey, I’m six weeks out, at this point we’re calling it research) and Anne Hathaway sums it up with her line “I’m sorry, do you think there is there something better than Vera Wang? Do they keep that next to the “something better than chocolate”? I couldn’t have said it better myself: it just simply doesn’t get any better.


You don’t have to spend thousands on one of Vera’s bridal confections to experience the divine dream of Wang. You can give your feet a treat with Vera Wang’s latest footwear line.








Sexy boots are perfect for a day of Autumn shopping in the city or a night out with your guy. For aneffortlessly feminine feel, try some of the gorgeous ballet flats, in all their divine silkiness. Flats, pumps, wedges- shoes perfect for every season, every outfit and every budget. You don’t even have to venture into Manhattan- you can pick these up at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s and other fabulous shoe boutiques.







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