(originally posted January 27, 2010- transitioning from loyolalooks.wordpress.com )

The advent of awards season always promises the fabulous glitz and glamour we’ve come to expect from Hollywood’s hottest leading ladies and most dashing gents. The first major Red Carpet, the Golden Globes, where the Hollywood Foreign Press honors major acting for both television and film stars, kicked off the fashion extravaganza of the Red Carpet. A week later, the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, affectionately known as the SAGs, followed suit with equally exquisite displays of designer gowns, heavenly couture and of course, a few fashion faux pas. One of my favorite pastimes after scrutinizing both Red Carpet telecasts is to examine one star’s Red Carpet look at the Golden Globes, compare it with the show they put on for the SAGs, and decide which Red Carpet look I loved more! Let the 2010 Battle of the Red Carpets begin!

Let’s start with one of America’s favorite leading ladies, and this year’s big winner so far: Miss Sandra Bullock. Accompanied both times by her husband Jesse James, Sandra proved herself to be very at home on each Red Carpet, and had some people wondering why we haven’t seen more of her during past awards seasons! For the Golden Globes, she chose a divine Bottega Veneta in a bold purple hue, complete with fairy tale glossy skirt.

At the SAGs, she went for a more statuesque look in a stunning black Alexander McQueen. She charmed (and took home the top acting prize for The Blind Side) both evenings, but I personally preferred her more playful, frivolous look at the Golden Globes. I love Sandra because she’s funny and talented and adorable, and this gown really played up that image.

Next up: the fashionable Kate Hudson. Following her recent break-up with A-Rod, it’s no surprise that Kate opted for a crisp white gown for both Red Carpet occasions- she needed something light and refreshing. At the Golden Globes, she debuted a controversial Marchesa piece with a structured, origami look. Not all fashion critics adored this choice, but Kate worked it with such confidence and spunk, you had to admire her.

However, I much preferred her look at the SAGs: the dramatic open back of her elegant Pucci number gave her that “Wow” factor every fashion lover craves, and Kate looked flawless from head to toe.

To introduce a newcomer: Anna Kendrick, nominated for her role the new George Clooney film Up in the Air,dazzled both nightsA Red Carpet first-timer, she took a lot of criticism for her bold Marchesa choice at the Golden Globes- the one-shoulder design and ruffles seemed to overpower her tiny frame. I give her props though for making such a courageous choice for her Red Carpet debut! And don’t we all dream of wearing anything Marchesa? At the SAG awards, she seemed to finally embrace her youthful style, this time appearing in a gorgeous magenta chiffon design by Alberta Ferretti.

So the awards season of 2010 is in full swing, with the Grammys up next and then finally the Grand Madame of all Red Carpets, The Academy Awards. So far, we’ve seen bold and elegant choices from A-list actresses and emerging fashion icons. As viewers and fashion critics, we get to enjoy and salivate over the fruits of Rachel Zoe and other stylists’ labor: the stunning array of designer gowns that sashay down the Red Carpet for our pure enjoyment.

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