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Awards season is in full swing, and we’ve got the Fashion Police reports to prove it! Okay, Giuliana Rancic obsession over…moving on to the fashion of Sunday night’s Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. Arguably the most relaxed Red Carpet for film and television stars, TV and film’s most gloriously glammed up celebs came out in the rain to celebrate each other’s achievements on screen, and they all looked pretty fabulous doing so.

Helena Bonham Carter even matched her shoes! Anne and Angelina were absent, but don’t worry, there was plenty of glamour to go around! It’s too hard to pick one clear winner, so I’ll break them up into categories so these ladies can all share the spotlight.

Round I: Young Hollywood kept it fresh and classy, with long, flowing locks. “It Girl” Mila Kunis looked drop dead gorgeous in an Alexander McQueen perfection. She looks so sexy here, it’s hard to believe she actually dated Macauley Culkin for so long. She totally channels the crazy-sexy-fabulous Black Swan vibe in this artistic frock.

TV darling Lea Michele looked a bit, um, bare in this diamond Oscar de la Renta. She certainly has the body to pull this off, but the rumpled bed head and the way she was sticking her chest out made her look like she was trying just a little too hard in the sexpot department, in my opinion. Lea should embrace her youthful elegance and leave the va-va-va-voom moment to fellow nominee Sofia Vergara.


Lea’s Glee co-star Dianna Agron might be the luckiest girl in the world, for the sole reason that she got to rock this vintage Chanel number. The dramatic make-up certainly made her look her actual 24 years, and it was a refreshing departure from her natural high school age style. Dianna just has the ability to make you feel like you know her, but she’s still fierce and having a major fashion moment.

My vote for Best Dressed in this round? It’s tough, but Dianna Agron killed it in the ankle-length Chanel and sleek Louboutins. If I had to switch bodies with one SAG attendee for the night, it would be her!

Round II: Hollywood heavyweights brought full glamour and beauty, in neutral tones that let their natural beauty shine through.

The winner of the night, the Star Wars– no more Best Actress Natalie Portman made a huge improvement from her pretty but blah Golden Globes gown. Here, she embraces her adorable baby bump in this elegant, strapless white Azzaro. Her precious, down to earth acceptance speech just made her glow even more. Let’s hope she continues on this fashion path for the Academy Awards!



Tony Parker, eat your heart out! On the other side of the spectrum, Eva Longoria oozes sex appeal from all sides-literally- in this Georges Hobeika fit for a diva. Even though she always wears her hair in the same beauty queen style, I love it every time. Hard to compete with this little fashion firecracker.

Our final contender tonight is no stranger to the ring, fashion or otherwise. Hilary Swank, in my opinion, pleasantly surprised with a glamorous neutral Versace. The nude chiffon was a bold choice, with her dark skin, light hair and angular features, but I wasn’t expecting much from her, and I think she deserves some recognition for taking a risk. The jewel one-shoulder detail was just enough to soften the look, while not discrediting her hard-as-a-rock body.

This is a tough decision, but I have to continue giving Natalie Portman awards- as if she needs one more- and hand this round to her. Just by comparison to her last Red Carpet, this white, chic style was a breath of fresh air.

Round III: Valentine’s Day is coming up, and stars took notice with their color palette of bold jewel tones and soft pinks.

Julianna Marguiles, big winner for The Good Wife, had a beautiful moment when she thanked her in-laws for producing her husband. The romance carried over to her beautiful red Yves St. Laurent. I don’t love how tightly her hair is pulled back, but she looks pretty flawless here.


Another stunningly beautiful mature actress who looked as divine as the 20-year olds, is Social Media Host Angie Harmon. She channeled Black Swan in this delightful Monique Lhuillier. Usually I wouldn’t like so many feathers, but she pulls it off beautifully.



Another Red Carpet favorite of mine, Mariska Hargitay dazzled in this bright indigo Isaac Mizrahi creation. The color plays off her skin in a stunning contrast, and her hair makes her look like the bombshell she is genetically destined to be. That pop of turquoise accessories? Perfection.

Winner of this round: I know Julianna won the award, and Angie looked flawless, but I can’t get over Mariska’s courageous confidence to rock such a bold color. She looks so effortlessly chic, which just gives that much more credit to her gritty, tough Olivia Benson performance.Ub-sessed.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Red Carpet fashion! Remember, this is all in practice for the Oscars, but sadly, we won’t have all these wonderful TV ladies in the mix, so the game will be all changed up again.


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