Noticing that your favorite elliptical is free at the gym, checking your bank account to find a deposit on Pay Day, reaching in the fridge to see your love has stocked your favorite sugar-free Jello treat, the warm tongue of a puppy licking you in the face, getting personal snail mail in a pretty envelope- these are all delicious feelings of excitement and joy. That burst of glee is important to a good day- not just a not-bad day, but an actually good day. Little things like that make a day what it is. Those little things are what I live for!

Getting ready to move in a few weeks means revisiting all those little cosmetic bags hiding under the bathroom sink and in the black depths of my cosmetics storage. This has to be the only good part about moving, because when you open cosmetic bags you haven’t seen in a while, chances are you will come across another moment of –Aha!- joy, when you stumble upon an old lipgloss (or two or three) you had forgotten about months (maybe years?) ago.

Unfortunately, this feeling only extends to lipgloss, because if I came across an old mascara tube or powder compact, I would probably have to toss it to ensure it hadn’t expired or dried up. But lipgloss can live forever! Whether it’s Lancome, Chanel, Sephora, or a drugstore brand, you can NEVER have enough lipgloss!!


Recently, I struck gold when my hand clasped around a bright, shiny pink tube of Plump ligloss that I probably bought in high school and threw in one of my old travel bags. It still smells just as delicious as the day I bought it, and the delight of sliding the wand across my lips brings me the excitement of a new purchase! Bonus points if it’s unopened or even in the original packaging- score!


What’s even better is that you don’t really have to be moving or packing up your life to discover this wonderous moment. Sometimes when you’re just looking for the Neosporin buried in a little Ziploc baggy, or changing over purses for fall (love that!) or using a suitcase you haven’t opened in a while- voila, there just might be a little surprise beauty nugget waiting for you to squeal with excitement about!


Isn’t it just the best feeling?

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