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I gather this will be a sensitive topic for Loyola’s UGG-lovers, but please give me a chance before you write this article off as an anti-comfort tirade.

Yes, I love comfort just as much as everyone else does. Trust me, I jumped on the UGG bandwagon when the trend took off my junior year of high school(sounds like so long ago- only 2006!) I just had to have the latest sheepskin fleece-lined phenomenon warming my toes in every color and style. I am not one of those snobs who proclaim UGG as short for “ugly”. My favorite of all the UGGs was (and still is) my delightful fluffy pink slippers. They’re fabulous for sloshing around dorm room floors and walking down the questionably clean stairs to fetch laundry. Even at home, chores like running outside to get the mail or letting the dog in are made a bit more fabulous by the presence of these softies. However, I draw the line at substituting slippers, as well as the darker hued members of the UGG family, for real shoes. They are not shoes. For those of you still in denial, I repeat: They. Are. Not. Shoes. They are delicious, toe-cushioning, foot-warming nests for tired and cold tootsies that have trudged around all day.

But I believe the time has come to bid adieu to these furry footwear staples. Not au revoir! For those of you that did not join me abroad in Paris, Adieu is the term for “See you later” not “Goodbye”. Have any of you read Victoria Beckham’s best-seller That Extra Half an Inch? If not, I highly recommend it to any shoe-loving or fashion-forward fan. In her chapter dedicated to the gems the world knows as shoes, she professes her appreciation for the soft UGGS and admits that she loves nestling her tired, worn feet into them after a long day on stilettos.

But Posh Spice adds a great point, one that I think we should all take to heart: slippers are for inside, not outside. Remember how we’re working on the fact that UGGs are slippers, not shoes? If it helps, think back to kindergarten when we were reminded to use our indoor voices. There are indoor shoes, and outdoor shoes. UGGs belong in the Indoor category. (Hint: Madame Beckham herself says she’s wearing UGGs as she’s writing her shoe chapter, because she’s inside)

This does not mean that you must sacrifice your toes to the comfort gods and suffer in agony every time you walk across the Quad. I have found that every other pair of flat shoes is just as comfortable and actually offers a bit more ankle and foot arch support than UGGs. When there are so many comfortable and fashionable foot choices out there, why would you deprive yourself of the latter description? Are UGGs really that much more comfortable than a classic pair of riding boots? And let’s not forget that Spring is just around the corner, and a stylish pair of flats keep our feet just as toasty and snuggled—hello, Tory Burch!

I am a firm believer that at least one good, sturdy pair of UGGS is a wardrobe must-have for any comfort-loving collegiate. However, their heyday as acceptable outdoor footwear has reached its conclusion, and I believe the backs of our closets are beckoning to our beloved UGG collection.

Store them in the back, or if you need a bit of a transition period, maybe under your bed for easy access when getting home after a long day (or night). I promise, you can still enjoy the cozy warm goodness that you feel when you slip your feet into these feathery havens—just in the privacy and comfort of your own home/dorm room. If you’re having trouble adjusting, just think to yourself: Did you ever see Carrie Bradshaw wearing UGGs?




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