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Yes, the fantastic Red Carpet extraordinaire took place this past weekend, as stars glided their way inside the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles to celebrate The 82nd Academy Awards. E!’s Fashion Police crowned Best Actress winner Sandra Bullock as the Best Dressed of the evening, and other style-savvy nominees and presenters dazzled fashion critics all over the world with their breathtaking fashion choices.

With all the dreamlike gowns to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down to a few favorite selections. Every actress wants to look their absolute best on Oscar Night, and they turn to numerous fashion stylists, consultants, makeup artists and hairstylists to prepare them for the scrutiny of the million light bulbs awaiting them on the Red Carpet.  However, one very important member of the Oscar Red Carpet team is often overshadowed by the actress wearing the gown or even the couture piece itself: the designer. When interviewed, actresses obviously acknowledge the fashion genius responsible for their exquisite ensemble, but it never goes beyond their name or the fact that the piece was, of course, custom-made for them by their “dear friend”.


This Red Carpet was especially exciting due to Tom Ford’s presence, wearing—what else?—a classic Tom Ford tuxedo. The presence of a celebrated fashion designer walking the Red Carpet alongside Hollywood’s most famous faces has inspired more discussion about the role of the fashion designer and their vital contribution to the magic of Oscar Night.

This year, the “crème de la crème” of fashion designers went head to head, swathing experienced leading ladies and stylish new starlets. We always think of the Red Carpet as a fashion battlefield for the ladies wearing the couture, but what about those fabulous minds that created them? Instead of contributing to the ongoing discussion of Best Dressed, I’d like to focus on the friendly bit of competition between designers on Oscar Night: Which Designer Ruled the Oscar Red Carpet?



Marchesa had big winner Sandra Bullock and new nominee Vera Farmiga on their team; Armani Prive was responsible for Jennifer Lopez’s gorgeous fashion comeback after her questionable sparkly number from New Year’s Eve; with Angelina Jolie absent from the award ceremony this year, Elie Saab was able to dress another nominee and budding fashion icon, Anna Kendrick; even Project Runway’s Season 4 Chris March caught the attention of Red Carpet staple Meryl Streep. Each of these designers delivered an extraordinary piece of fashion that will go down in Oscar history as a phenomenal Red Carpet moment.

Some other designers birthed spectacles that have been undoubtedly exquisite on the recent runways, but came under some fire for a Red Carpet choice: dramatic French label Givenchy chose Avatar princess Zoe Saldana as their muse for their multicolor glitter and ruffle creation; the delicious canary Chanel haute couture extravaganza that Sarah Jessica Parker wore when she announced Best Costume Design has also taken fire for its possible lack of mainstream-friendliness. Another gown right off the runway that fell flat of delivering “ooh”s and “ahh”s on the Red Carpet was Dior’s Haute Couture eggplant-colored sheeth, carried off by erstwhile model and Best Actress winner Charlize Theron. Whatever your opinion on these straight-from-the-runway dazzlers, they certainly made for an interesting Red Carpet that would have made Carrie Bradshaw proud.

If I had to choose a top winner, designer-wise, from Sunday night, I would have to join the Sandra Bullock-worshipping team and swoon over her made-for-Oscar-winning-gold Marchesa gown. Of all the designers who showed off their fashion genius at the most glorious of all Red Carpets, I have to give my vote to Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig for their glimmering vision.


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