When I hear “kitten”, my imagination immediately fills with images of adorable, meowing, baby little kitties all curled up or curiously exploring a new land, or boldly conquering my pillow in a little ball.

I’ve been a cat lover from the start, and I’m pretty sure “kit-ty” was one of my first five words. For more adorable-ness, hit up one of my favorite websites- icanhazcheezburger.com to indulge in kitten cuteness!!!

Aren’t my babies adorable?????????:)

But my love of all things kitten does NOT extend into the fashion realm. Everyone knows how I L-O-V-E my stilettos and sky-high Louboutins. I just love what they do for my calves, butt, legs, posture, gait and confidence.

Plus, I need the extra height. I also show lots of love for a well-structured flat shoe, for those days of comfort or running errands. Flats are great for giving your feet a break from the arch-stretching and pressure points of the gorgeous heels, while still maintaining a stylish and comfortable look.

Some shoe designers and stylists champion a compromise of the two, a sort of “Heel Limbo” for those who crave the height of a heel and the comfort of a flat. But in my opinion, this is one area of life where there is no “grey” area or middle ground. I either want my shoes towering or my toes flat on the ground. A kitten heel does the exact opposite of what a heel should do. It slopes your foot forward and down, which actually flattens out the top of your foot and makes it look thicker than it actually it. Why would I want to make any part of my body look thicker? And you get zero arch, Achilles or calf support from a kitten heel.

The itty-bitty bobbity heel wobbling precariously in the middle of the heel area of the shoe is just simply not large or substantial enough to sustain the weight of a normal human’s body, and thus, for me at least, creates an uncomfortable balance shift that leaves me off-kilter all day. Maybe Nicole Kidman can work a kitten heel and still feel glamorous (um, hello, she’s Nicole Kidman, all bets are off!) but the average woman is doing herself and her feet a grave disservice by adding these little runt imposters to her shoe wardrobe.

Hey, heels don’t have to be 5 inches to help you stand out (although aren’t they just fabulous?) I’m a big proponent of the 3-and 4-inch family members as well- much more work appropriate and more practical for walking.

But next time you’re in some heel pain, try another approach than sacrificing style and comfort- there are so many other options! I’m a big fan of the Dr. Scholl’s gel inserts for when I know I’ll be standing in  a pair of heels for a long period of time. I also tend to favor heels that have somewhat of a hidden platform- so a 5-inch heel is really only a 4-inch difference between the heel’s highest point and the platform. LOVE!

So join me in agreeing with Victoria Beckham and countless other fashionistas by pledging to ban the kittens from our shoe closets and keep them where they belong: curled up in our laps.

Media Credits: All Kittens are photos of my babies, Nimitz (grey) and Ares (black) taken by my iPhone

first photo courtesy of instyle.com

second photo courtesy of fashionpeach.com

third photo courtesy of divaboutqiueva.com

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