Hello friends and fellow Laduree lovers!

So, a lot has happened since the last time I wrote…September 14th WOW! So sorry for having fallen off the face of the Earth. What with moving back to Massachusetts for the wedding, planning the wedding, HAVING THE WEDDING, moving to Charleston with the new hubby, finding a new apartment for our family and the 2 kitties, settling in, etc…it’s been quite hectic. I’ve loved every minute of it- especially the wedding! Expect lots of posts in the future to focus around aforementioned perfect event.

Not everything in the past two months has been so fantastical- I promise, I will delve into the tragic fate of Paris’ own Laduree (and it’s ironic role in my wedding!)

I’m very excited to get back into the writing world and re-connect with all my wonderful readers and “blogger friends”:)- thank you so much to everyone who has been so wonderfully supportive, encouraging and loving during this magical time in my life. No, the honeymoon is not over (we never even really had a real honeymoon- I’ll tell you about that too!) but it is time to let the smoke of our magnificent wedding sparkler departure disappear, and settle into real life. I couldn’t be more excited!!

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Since I can’t share my beautiful professionally taken photographs on here, these are some of my favorites from the camera of my dear friend and incredible bridesmaid Connie Dundon. (Don’t worry- the 2 people in the picture are the same- both my husband and I enjoyed one outfit change during the evening!)




Bisous xx