There are times when you just need a good cry. Be it PMS, an emotional day, or just a reason deep inside you that you can’t explain, sometimes the littlest moments are the ones that get the waterworks flowing.

When that moment hits us, we can turn to music, movies, old pictures or anything that warms you heart and has you reaching for the Kleenex. Next time you feel a good cry coming on (sometimes it just comes out of the blue, of course) don’t fight it- carve out some alone time, take some deep breaths and let the tears come. It can be good for your soul to cleanse any old feelings of sadness, guilt, frustration, anxiety-even happiness. Just release the emotion into the universe and let the thick tears roll down your cheeks in a beautiful, self-healing catharsis.


There are some old classic tearjerkers- Old Yeller (or Marley and Me, both achieve the same gut wrench), Armageddon, Stepmom, Field of Dreams (my dad even loses it at that one) and of course Titanic. I mean, seriously, he saved her. I lose it when Rose is on the lifeboat being lowered down and-cue the high, heartbreaking bagpipe music-and she looks up at Jack and the flare lights go off behind him, and he knows he’s not going to make it because of the evil Billy Zane character. Omg.

Wow, ok, sorry, had to wipe my eyes there.


Here are some of my own, modern favorite “good cry” triggers.


Good Cry TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy, “The Song Beneath the Song”

I believe Sara Ramirez deserved an Emmy for that formidable performance in one of TV’s most dramatic, emotional episodes. My absolute favorite scene that just totally makes me lose it? When McSteamy, the delicious Eric Dane, starts singing. You can hear the pain and angst in his voice- and then when Lexie, the angel-voiced Chyler Leigh has “eyes on Sloane”, and she finds him on the stairs and they sing together-ahhh!!!!! Cue the tears. The whole episode is so beautifully written and performed- shockingly beautiful voices grace those insanely talented actors. Grey’s sometimes gets a bit silly and overly melodramatic, but this episode is one of their shining, authentic moments. I bought this on iTunes, and often indulge with some Ben and Jerry’s by my side.


Good Cry Song: Darren Criss from Glee, cover of “Somewhere Only We Know”

This guy’s voice gives me chills. The goosebumps and lump in my throat contribute to the power of this heartbreakingly stunning rendition. He and Kurt are just too adorable together for words, and this is by far my favorite song from the entire series.


Good Cry Movie: The Notebook

So many moments to choose from, but how do you not burst into tears when elderly Allie has her moment of lucidity at the end, and Noah has to tell her it only lasted a few minutes last time? This is like ugly-cry-rip-your-heart-out-sobbing sad. Use your judgment with audience friends- this could be best reserved for your best friends for slumber parties with plenty of chocolate ice cream.



Crying is a healthy, authentic way of  feeling and expressing our most basic, human emotions. Everyone does it. People are paid millions of dollars to cry convincingly on cue. So don’t be embarrassed- just maybe don’t see Million Dollar Baby for a first date. Everyone will of course have their own emotional triggers, and their own favorites to settle in for a good cry. Grab some waterproof mascara and release the emotion. What are some of your favorite “good cry” moments?

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