Here is the follow up to my blog post a few days ago about my little nail identity crisis.

I did it!

I bid “adieu” to my acrylic nails and have embraced my natural nails for the first time in 8 years. When my new manicurist heard that, she was shocked to say the least. As we delved into the process of removing said acrylics from my nailbeds, we encountered quite the ordeal. Soaking in Acetone proved to just not work- Andy at Nail Perfection (I’ll miss you, friend!) must have super-glued these gel tips on! Ahh! I thought this would be an easy fix- I thought the hard part, the decision making, was over!

I was wrong. Thirty minutes later, I had no choice but to head to another nearby salon to drill off my acrylics. Madison at Simply Your Spa (thank you for putting up with my apparently never-ending high maintenance!) hated to send me away, but they simply did not carry the proper tools for removing artificial nail enhancements, and even though she was able to pry one off with some little torturous tool, the difficult process- and the pain to my sensitive nail nerves- proved too great. She said she had never seen damage like mine, and didn’t want to risk any sacrificing any more natural nailbeds in the process.  So I hopped over to a nearby Vietnamese salon that specialized in gel and acrylics, and insisted they remove my nails with drills and files only- even though the nice lady wanted to use clippers. I couldn’t bear the thought of my natural nail becoming even more damaged by that- so I sat for a good thirty minutes and endured the soak,file,soak,file,soak,file cycle.

Finally! They were off! I was surprisingly relieved- this sort of had began to feel like prepping for a surgery.

I triumphantly returned to Simply Your Spa, where they could not have been nicer and more accommodating in my trying “Nail Day” and promptly enjoyed a relaxing, natural manicure. Nail strengthener applied (and purchased for home use- I have a lot of strengthening to do!) and OPI’s “In the Spotlight Pink” administered. I felt much better- they looked clean, fresh, and natural. 

I returned home to show my clueless husband- I had been gone 4 hours longer than I had told him, but he was occupied by “Skyrim” so I was able to surprise him with my new, acrylic-free paws. I was bit weak(and my nails were still wet- quite the new phenomenon!) so I enjoyed a night off from dishes, opening drawers, or grasping much of anything.

I am SO happy with the finished product. I have a long way to do in the world of natural nail strength, but I can’t wait to experiment with new colors and treat my hands to some natural, non-damaging, relaxing manicures. I’m quite proud of myself.

Any suggestions for any great strengthening treatments or favorite nail polish colors? Feels like I’m entering a whole new world of beauty choices!



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