The color of a stormy sky, of majestic elephants, of smooth granite countertops, and of course many beautiful and rare bird species. The word itself signals a sort of mid-ground area that is neither a deep black or a stark white, and the term has come to mean a “no man’s land” of decision making- more comfortable than staying in the boundaries, yes?


Grey is many things: the name of the most dramatic doctor on the ABC network, a neutral against which to balance many dark and light colors in your wardrobe, and arguably the universal signal of sweatshirt comfort.


It even has two spellings, for whichever comfort and mood you’re in. Grey could be for cuddling up in a deliciously warm fleece or the world’s softest sweatpants, and gray could indicate a chic, charcoal color for a yummy cable-knit sweater or a luxurious coat. You can wrap yourself in warmth and security for your own Grey Sky Morning. Grey is one of my favorite colors to own in my closet because it seems that no matter what the ensemble, grey signals comfort and warmth. Sure, grey tweed suits and separates aren’t the cuddliest of options, but a sharply tailored outfit for work appears just as impressive as grey as its navy, black and brown counterparts. And it just gives it that extra something.

A beautiful grey linen signals a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe of 1960’s glamour- how many grey suits does Roger Sterling wear on Mad Men?


Everyone has a favorite grey sweatshirt- either from college days or just to wear around the house on a cold night. The different shades of grey evoke different levels of emotion, comfort and style throughout your wardrobe. Grey provides the perfect canvas to let some bold accessories steal the spotlight. Here are some of my favorite looks in that effortless, ethereal grey.

Kate Winslet dazzled in a shimmering slate Yves St. Laurent, and the muted color showed off her gorgeous coloring and the icy $2.5 million Tiffany & Co bauble around her neck.


Angelina usually sticks with sweeping black or eye-catching emerald, but this dramatic grey Saint John knit dress was the perfect choice for a more muted, but equally elegant look, as she played the supportive wife in 2007 when everyone was talking about Brad’s film Babel.

But she is Angelina Jolie, after all, and was nominated herself, of course, for her role in A Mighty Heart, and she looked stunning all evening.






Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge herself actually wears grey quite frequently. The ultimate style star has dazzled in varying shades of sleet on several occasions: the charcoal Kensington dress by Catherine Walker was perfect for a tree planting ceremony in Canada this past summer, and the stunningly simple, one-shoulder Jenny Packham stole the show a few days ago at the National Memorial Arboretum Appeal Dinner in London.

Winter is coming! Be sure to stock up for the colder nights by investing in some super cozy greys to keep you wrapped in warmth all winter long. What are some of your favorite shades of grey?

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