The first month and a bit of blissfully married life has flown by!


With spending a few days at the Cape, then heading up to New Hampshire for a “mini-moon”, getting a flat tire en route to said mini-moon, taking care of the two kitties, opening wedding presents (ok, that was super fun!), writing prompt and personalized thank-you notes to our wonderfully generous guests, dealing with insurance company about said car accident and adding me as “spouse” to coverage, filing marriage license, standing in line at Social Security office to change my name, then packing up both cars for the two-day drive to Charleston, finding a pet-friendly hotel, while keeping both pets still friendly, finding an apartment ASAP, dealing with the movers… was a bit hectic to say the least.

But it’s been wonderful. Through every moment of moving, money merging and “settling in”, we’ve been so excited and happy to finally have our new place and our new lives together. Setting up the closet was a bit dicey- a nice size walk-in, but we both have enough clothes and shoes to fill it completely on our own. Not kidding. But compromise is indeed the magic word of marriage, and we set up our little apartment just the way we like it.


The biggest adjustment to married life- and living together in a small apartment life- hasn’t been trading my nice, cushy hangers for the space-saving thin ones. (Every sweater-loving girl knows what a compromise that is!) It’s something I was able to sort of swerve around in the three-bedroom, three-bathroom, two-story Monterey townhouse.

Newslfash: Boys are messy. Meaning the bathroom is always messy. Sure, they’re messy in that they can stay in there for a good thirty minutes and not have that be a big deal-anyway, moving on- but they don’t hang up their towel, they leave their dirty socks right outside the shower, they don’t fix the floor rug when the edge lifts up, and they get toothpaste all over the nice clean, white sink.

It’s a bit weird to see a boy- albeit my adorable husband whom I’ve dated for over five years, and spent many a weekend sharing a tiny hotel bathroom with- but still, a boy nonetheless, standing at the sink in his Calvin Klein briefs brushing his teeth. With simply noooo disregard for where the toothpaste goes. And really, how hard is it to fold the French white “Le Bain” hand towel laid out beautifully on the sink after you dry your hands?

I know I take up lots of the counter and self-imposed shelf space. He’s only allotted a few centimeters in the medicine cabinet, and his toothbrush is his only product visible on the counter. I need my makeup, two shelves, plus my Jo Malone candle, pretty picture frame that matches our bathroom accessories, face moisturizers, cleansers, toners and masks, plus all my other beauty products under the sink. But girls need lots of products. I can’t help it! I know I spend more time in the bathroom- makeup, blow drying my hair, and I even take longer to wash my hair in the shower. But it’s his bathroom too. Don’t boys like a clean living space? Shouldn’t he care if the counter is wet? Doesn’t he like a dry, fluffy towel? Doesn’t the big blue blob of toothpaste bother him even a little??


Well, ladies, it’s been done for hundreds of years, so I guess this is the way it has to be. Married couples have been surviving the shared bathroom space- again, may I highlight the word compromise- for years, so I have hope for the future.


Any advice? What’s been the biggest compromise for sharing space with your boy toy?



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