Wedding Secrets: Part 2 Tuesday, Dec 20 2011 

As promised, here is the second installment of wedding secrets to help any stressed out bride-to-be plan her perfect day. Happy planning!

Tip 1: Don’t Force the Fiancé

First of all, doesn’t that word sound fabulous? I loved hearing fiancé. Just wait-husband is even better. It’s tempting to dive in head first together, and present him with a list of tasks to help with the wedding. It’s his day too, you would think he would want to be involved, right? Not so fast. Some guys are excited and interested in music, tuxes, ceremony décor, champagne and seating charts, and some don’t care about anything but the date and time. Yes, you will need his help on a few things, but if he couldn’t care less about the hue of the tablecloths or the color of your bouquet, don’t make yourself (and him) crazy. Pick your battles. The absolute bare minimum that your fiancé must be involved with: his side of the guest list (including addresses!), selection of his groomsmen (at least six months before the wedding), where his parents sit at the reception, choosing your First Dance song(!) and meeting with the officiant. These little tasks can be spread out over several months, and you can remind him along the way. If you’re one of the lucky ones who has a flower-interested fiancé, enjoy it! Otherwise, just ask him if there is anything he feels strongly about, stick to the aforementioned list of activities, and make sure he has the time of the ceremony right! Use this opportunity to bond with your mom, maid of honor, or wedding planner.

Tip 2: Problematic Plus-Ones

It’s a hot guest list topic of any young couple: “Do we give our single friends a plus one?”

My opinion: Make a firm guide line, and stick to it. Use criteria like if they will have to fly across the country, if they will know other guests, if they’ve been in a relationship for a year, or whatever you feel fits your friends’ situations. Since we were among the first of our friends to get married, pretty much all of our close friends were single. We opted for plus-one generosity, but I was a bit surprised at how many of the (male) guests chose to come solo. Hey, weddings are a great place to meet people, so make sure to invite an equal number of available guys and gals and sit them near each other if possible. If you’re consistent across the board- family and friends alike- no one will suffer hurt feelings or invite envy. This should be fun, not stressful!

Tip 3:  Invest in Comfy Shoes

I cared more about my wedding shoes than my wedding dress. I am a high heel fanatic, and was adamant about my gorgeous Christian Louboutin wedding shoes. They survived my outdoor ceremony, plus dancing the night away. For our big departure, I changed into another pair of Louboutins-open toe and different pressure points can make a world of difference in your pain relief! Be sure to grab some comfy insoles and gel cushions to slip into your stilettos. No one will know but you, and the additional support (plus the “bride adrenaline”) will keep you dancing all night long! But I did not force this on my bridesmaids or female guests. We included some of those adorable Dr. Scholls fold-out flats in various sizes in the ladies room bathroom basket. Big hit! My mom and her sisters also stowed away some of their favorite flats- I am not a huge fan of this practice, but it’s a million times better than kicking off your shoes and padding around barefoot. Yuck.

Tip 4: Precious Paper Products

I spent a huge amount of time and effort designing our wedding stationary. Your save-the-date or invitation is the first hint your guests have about your wedding- the attire, color scheme, formality, vibe and character. I was lucky enough to find a wonderfully talented artist who custom-designed a monogram for us, that was able to carry through from our escort cards, dinner menus and thank you notes. Paper is an area where some people will tell you to cut costs or skimp, but I think they are very important because they last past midnight on your wedding day. A copy of your invitation and ceremony program will forever have a place in a frame in your home. This is a wise place to invest your time- you can really make your stationary your own to reflect your couple style, favorite colors and important traditions. My personalized menus were in French, to add a Parisian flair to the evening. I received so many compliments on all my stationary- everyone loved how it was unique and fresh. Some people freak out about the wording of the invitation, regarding who is “hosting”, etc. There are millions of etiquette experts out there, and your stationary designer can help you create your own clever wording to make sure everyone is happy. Have fun here!

Have fun in all elements of wedding planning. Soak up the vendor shopping, cake tasting, dress shopping and other magical moments along the way. Be sure to stop and smell the roses-or calla lilies, tulips, peonies or whatever strikes your fancy for your special day!

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These Are A Few of My Favorite Things Sunday, Dec 18 2011 

To celebrate the joyous and wonderful Christmas season, I’m listing a few of my favorite non-material things. Lists for Santa have been submitted, and while the merriment and materialism of Christmas is oh so much fun, I’d like to enter 2012 with some thoughts about the great things that Santa can’t put in your stocking.

Maria von Trapp sang about some of these, but she seems to have missed a few! Seeing my favorite TV stars on Glee perform their rendition of this iconic song only added to the joy.

Whiskers on Kittens: My husband/reddit addict has introduced me to the “aww” section of the cult favorite website. People upload pictures of their adorable little furbabies in precious poses. All I have to say is “awwwwwwww”, and make other noises and faces of glee while cuddling my own kitties.

Snowflakes: Sure, they stay on my nose and eyelashes, but being in Charleston really makes me long for seeing the snow-covered winter wonderland outside my window on luscious winter mornings.

Cashmere Socks: Much better than warm woolen mittens, in my opinion. Something else I miss about cold weather is the delicious feeling of slipping chilly toes into the utter yumminess of cashmere. Curling up by a fire and indulging in the cozy warm moments is made better by head-to-toe cashmere.

Brown Paper Packages: Or any mail, really. I just adore getting mail addressed to my new name at my new address. Somehow, seeing something beyond a mail stop address at school makes my heart happy.

All Things Jo Malone: Candles, lotions, perfume or body wash. White Jasmine and Mint or Nectarine Blossom and Honey. OK, maybe Santa could bring these. I even keep the gorgeous black-and-ivory boxes to display proudly.

Christmas Songs on the Radio: Specifically classics like “Silver Bells”, “Welcome Christmas” or modern hits like Faith Hill’s “Where Are You Christmas” and of course Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Add to this a Christmas cookie-scented Yankee Candle car freshener, and you have a joyful drive home.

What are some of your favorite things?

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Oh, Em, Golden Globe! Thursday, Dec 15 2011 

The nominations for the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards were announced today. In the wake of the super-disappointing Screen Actors Guild Awards nominations coming out yesterday, the Golden Globes certainly delivered some interesting points.


Can we just talk about Ryan Gosling? Those SAG snubs were insulting.


If you didn’t see Drive, you really missed out on some A-class acting. Everyone loves Ryan for his shirtless-ness and yummy face, but this level of charisma and dynamic performance was almost eerie at times. The movie itself was super artistic and Eastwood-like, but Gosling showed some serious talent beyond his usual brooding, pouting and boyish smiles. I haven’t seen Ides of March, but I’ve read glowing reviews and if he shows anything like he did in Drive, I can only expect good things.


Omg, Crazy Stupid Love. So funny. Hilariously adorable and witty. Gosling’s character brings some serious sex appeal in this movie, and the movie is just better for it. I highly recommend this film- not just for the Dirty Dancing lift he does during his Emma Stone date- but the Kevin Bacon/Steve Carrell/ Gosling fistfight scene alone is worth the price of the ticket.


I would love to see Meryl Streep take home a trophy this year. She has before at the 2010 Golden Globes, though, and then lost out to Sandra Bullock because the Musical/Comedy versus Drama categories allowed for two Best Actresses. Ditto the Critic’s Choice Awards, where the two leading ladies engaged in a kiss while sharing the title. Meryl Streep is one of the greatest actors of all time- I dare anyone to disagree with that- and it’s time she gets more accolades for being as amazing as she is. We take her wonderful performances for granted, and the nominations keep rolling in with no Oscar since 1982 as in, three years before her competition Rooney Mara was born.)

Doesn’t she deserve some recognition for all the great films we’ve enjoyed since then- The Devil Wears Prada, Lions for Lambs, Julie and Julia, Doubt to name a few? Hopefully this 27th nomination will go hand in hand with her iconic Vogue cover, and 2011 will be a crowning year.




Another Titanic Awards show reunion! Kate Winslet has been enjoying some Awards season love lately, but poor Leo has been snubbed time and time again. His slight for The Departed in 2006 was as big a joke as Eddie Murphy’s nomination for Dreamgirls. He is one of the most recognizable, committed and talented actors of all time- let’s finally give him a little gold trophy, ok?

In addition to her Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy nomination for Carnage, Kate has been recognized for Mildred Pierce at the Emmys, and finally got her Oscar for The Reader- and she needs to start sharing the love- after all, he did save her.


All hail Peter Dinklage! If you’ve been watching Elf this holiday season, you are being treated to just a tiny morsel of the major talent that is Tyrion Lannister’s alter ego. If he doesn’t win for Best Supporting Actor for Game of Thrones, even Stark fans will shed a tear.


The Globes are probably my favorite Awards show-, because we get to enjoy the fashion of movie stars and TV stars alike, and nearly every category is brimming with our favorite stars.


Can’t wait for the broadcast on January 15th! Here’s  a link to the complete list of nominees, plus a quick rundown of who I’ll be rooting for in the motion picture categories.




Best Motion Picture, Drama:  I must admit, I haven’t seen any of these- I guess I’ll got for Ides of March because of star power and critics raves.


Best Motion Picture, Comedy: I can’t wait to see My Week With Marilyn! I loved Bridesmaids, but it doesn’t seem like a Golden Globe winner, sorry. Midnight in Paris could be a dark horse contender.


Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama: Hello, Leonardo, hands down.


Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy: Ryan Gosling, for Crazy, Stupid Love.


Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama: Meryl deserves it


Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy: I’d love to see Michelle Williams snag this. She’s been great in everything I’ve seen her in.


Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture: Haven’t seen any of these movies either, ah! Let’s go with the cute guy from My Week With Marilyn.


Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture: again, haven’t seen any…I think The Help is a good bet though.


I’ll do another post on my TV predictions! Happy viewing!


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Wedding Secrets: Part One Thursday, Dec 15 2011 

Hard to believe it’s been over two months since the wedding! It was such a whirlwind of emotion, beauty, and happiness- and did I mention the PERFECT weather? As I’m making the final edits to my proof for my wedding album (yay!) and look through the online gallery over and over (and over again) I’m reminded of all the love that surrounded us that day. Not just the love we have for each other that we were celebrating- but the love of everyone else that had traveled to be with us. It was such a fantastic moment in our lives, and that feeling of bliss and love is something we will remember and hold onto forever.

Of course, to get to that perfect day took lots of planning. Here are just a few of my tips for any bride-to-be, to enjoy the engagement time in your life and get yourself to that perfect wedding day! I’ll be spilling more bride secrets and wedding planning tips in the future, too, so please let me know what you think and what you’d like to know!

Tip 1: Get Organized!

This is my BIGGEST tip for any bride! Invest in a sturdy- and glamorous- binder, folder, or notebook of some kind. This will become your Bible where you store business cards of potential vendors, copies of contracts, fabric swatches, photos for inspiration, pages from magazines, and everything else wedding-related. My mom gave me a beautiful baby blue one from Mindy Weiss. Buy some extra clear inserts and labels to keep everything in its proper place and enjoy! My mom also had a big “Mother of the Bride”-embroidered tote to keep everything in one place as the binder gets fuller and fuller. Trust me, there is sooo much more paper than you would think!

Tip 2: Guest List Glory

The guest list really affects the budget of your wedding- the number of tables, flowers, meals, drinks, wait-staff, flatware, invitations, escort cards, etc. As tempting as it can be to limit the list to only your nearest and dearest, this is an opportunity for your parents to see people they haven’t seen in ages, to show off their beautiful child making this great step in life. If you’re lucky enough to have your parents host your wedding, this is an important point. Yes, this is your wedding, but it is a huge event that your parents have been looking forward to since the day you were born. So be respectful of who wants to invite whom, while keeping in mind that your guests are the most important part of the evening!

Tip 3: Life of the Party

One of my favorite parts of our wedding was our band. We struggled over the idea of band versus DJ, back and forth, back and forth. It was important to us to have continuous music throughout the night, with no lulls during the breaks that come with a live band. We found the perfect option- a band that comes with their own DJ! I was so happy that we were really able to tailor the music selection for what we wanted- some songs sound great played live to get the crowd moving, and we were able to hear some of my favorite soundtrack tunes(Wicked “As Long as You’re Mine” and Camelot “If Ever I Would Leave You”) from a disk during dinner. I received so many compliments on the singers throughout the evening, and they really kept the party vibe going all night long.

Tip 4: Flora and Fauna: Less is More

Flowers are a huge chunk of the wedding budget, and of course a huge part of the décor look of your day. If you’re going for a casual, laid-back look, definitely don’t angst about your flowers! I am soooo happy I went with low, small, elegant centerpieces rather than the tall, extravagant orchid arrangements I was once thinking about. If you want some dramatic and elegant touches, why not accentuate your guests’ plates with little blossoms? We included a white rose on the napkin of every female guest- the little details like that can really make a gorgeous floral statement without getting too pricey. As pretty as they are, remember that the flowers have the shortest shelf-life of anything you buy for your wedding except the food. They’re pretty and then they die. Your married life will go on, no matter what blooms graced your alter or table.

Tip 5: Don’t Go Bridal Party Crazy.

One of the most stressful and heartbreaking elements of a wedding for many brides is dealing with bridesmaid drama. This is a huge reason why I am still ridiculously happy that I only chose my closest girlfriends. Even though my husband had six groomsmen on his side, I stuck to my happily tiny party including just my sister, cousin and lifelong best friend. Don’t worry about the sides being even or lining up properly for the ceremony- we just doubled up the groomsmen escorting each girl for the processional. It’s much easier during dress shopping, plus remember that each bridesmaid is another bouquet and gift. I let my bridesmaids pick their own dresses and shoes- something else that gets harder the more ladies you add into the mix! This is a huge bonding time for you and your bridesmaids- don’t invite anyone into your bridal party (and your wedding day dressing room!) that you wouldn’t want to be friends with for life.


Tip 6: Deep Breath In, Deep Breath Out

Finally, don’t forget to breathe. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I totally forgot to put on my veil- I realized this when we were taking family photos after the ceremony! Something will go wrong, but I promise you, no one will notice half of the little details that go awry! Don’t sweat the small stuff. Laugh it off, and continue on with your day. It really is what you make it, and make it the best you can.

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Inspiring Icon: Giuliana Rancic’s Incredible Story Tuesday, Dec 13 2011 

In honor of the impending New Year, I would like to take this opportunity to discuss a very special and emotional topic.


Everyone has witnessed the incredible strength, beauty, courage and style that Giuliana Rancic has displayed lately. Her October announcement of her breast cancer diagnosis moved me to tears- I actually read the news on Twitter one morning a few days after my wedding. I was overcome with audible shock and heartbreak at this devastating news to befall my absolute favorite style inspiration and career role model.


The news was made all the more poignant by the fact that I had just recently been lucky enough to meet Giuliana and Bill while on my birthday trip to Vegas with my then-fiance. I was positively gleeful, armed with my pink contest-winner bracelet, when I clutched my (second) copy of I Do, Now What?, which I had spent the previous months devouring- now I had a copy for my fiancé to read!- and I stood in line, awestruck by Giuliana’s beauty in real life and her down-to-earth persona.


It is perhaps for this reason that I have not written about her until now. I have honestly felt so close to her and her struggle to have a baby- watching all four seasons of Giuliana and Bill on iTunes repeatedly and eagerly soaking up any interview with my favorite “girl crush”. Because, when I was trying to contain my shrieks of excitement and prevent my hands from shaking while Giuliana graciously signed my book (and wrote a birthday message, of course!), my idol was harboring a devastating secret. At this point, September 8, she had already learned of her new battle with breast cancer. From her stunning Diane von Furstenburg dress to her witty remarks during her fashion presentation to her effortless smile and glow, she looked anything but a cancer patient. She was a vivacious, brilliantly shining star lighting up the Palazzo. Her energy and genuine excitement was evident to all who saw her that night, and I’m sure to anyone who has met her in person.

So when I heard about Giuliana’s health crisis, compounded by her continuing struggle to become a mother, I felt as though a close friend had been hit by the pink ribbon’s formidable enemy.  She is more of a role model to me than most people realize. I even semi-stalked her career on E! back when she was still Giuliana DePandi and I was still in high school. Why did I major in Journalism? Did I mention she re-tweeted me once congratulating me on being accepted to her alma matter, American University for grad school? Amazeballs moment if ever there was one! She has truly touched my life; I started following her example of saying out loud to myself in the car the things that I am thankful for, and my day literally feels lighter and more full of promise.


When I saw her tweet that she was going to appear on the Today show this past week, as much as I wanted to believe that it would be an announcement of a clean bill of health (or even a pregnancy!)I had a sinking feeling in my heart that Giuliana had been dealt a serious hand with this diagnosis. I felt as though she couldn’t catch a break- how could something so horrible happen to someone so beautiful, so inspiring, so good? Hasn’t she suffered enough with her miscarriage and public battle for something that comes so easily to other women?


But when I watched her broadcast (and thankfully I have it forever on TiVo) I was struck by her smile. Her genuine, warm, toothy, smile. As she was talking about her decision to undergo a double mastectomy before New Year’s Eve, she was the total pillar of strength, even as her voice shook and her eyes welled with a relatable, raw emotion. Again, I was seeing my friend sitting on that couch. There she was talking about how fortunate she is that she caught it early, and has options for her treatment and recovery process. As her loving husband held her hand, she again showed the world the definition of a strong, modern woman. A gorgeous, stylish, smart, sophisticated woman who is staring down the face of a serious disease with her perfectly lip-glossed smile. She is choosing life, and in the process, is becoming even more of a role model for any young girl who can ever hope to face challenges in life with confidence and grace.


For all things Giuliana Rancic and to learn more about her mission to educate young women on life-saving early breast cancer detection, you can visit many of her fabulous websites: or She also graces the cover of this week’s People magazine, speaking bravely about the fight for life.

I would like to send my warmest, pinkest wishes to Giuliana for a successful surgery and smooth recovery, and for nothing but light, love and smiles in 2012!


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Bon Jour, Mademoiselle Sunday, Dec 11 2011 

My recent foray into the world of natural nail care and maintenance has opened my eyes into a whole new fashion and beauty chapter!


I have had several wonderful manicure experiences at Simply Your Spa in Charleston, and the ladies have been wonderful about introducing me to the hottest new nail polish colors. I have recently discovered the captivating world of Essie nail lacquer, and I have to say, my hands are happier for it.

I’ve been lucky enough to receive several beautiful Essie recommendations for my virgin and still-damaged nail beds: Virgin Orchid, Fiji, Bangle Jangle, Buy Me a Cameo, Adore-a-ball (which always makes me think of Giada de Laurentiis and how perfect her nails always look when she whips up all that gorgeous food!) and my personal favorite, Mademoiselle.


Their delicious magazine ads boast: “When I wear Mademoiselle, I get a whiff of Paris.” To which I have to say, D’accord, c’est vrai! The clean, feminine, polished, light and fresh look of the luxurious lacquer gives my nails that touch of elegance that just seems to float around my favorite city. The color has become famous in the beauty world and won a few coveted awards along the way. Essie pros call it “the most classic grown-up pink”- oui, sil vous plait!


Since 1981, the iconic brand has become a beacon of beauty in the nail care industry, with everyone from Giada to InStyle magazine praising their polish. They are quick to launch stylish collections for each new season, so your hands are sure to be the center of attention at all times.Their line of care and treatment products for damaged and healthy nails alike is a godsend for people like me who have trashed their keratin-challenged digits to the point where nail polish won’t stick for more than a few days.

Especially with all the Christmas decorating- present wrapping, bow tying and wreath hanging are not gentle on your nails- Mademoiselle has been a bit of a holiday salvation for my tired, aching hands. They’re still in the process of healing and forgiving me for subjecting them to the pressures and damages of acrylics for the past eight years, and Mademoiselle is a great place to start paying my nails back.

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday pick-me-up or a way to treat yourself and your paws, I definitely recommend dipping them in the luxury Essie pool. If you know a fashionista who could use some pampering, they make the perfect stocking stuffer (I’ve already alerted Santa to their top spot on my list!)


Joyeux Noel and Happy Manicuring!




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A Very Newlywed Christmas Wednesday, Dec 7 2011 

Welcome, Christmas, come this way.


I love Christmas. Christmas trees, Christmas cookies, Christmas colors, Christmas music. Especially music. One of my all-time favorite Christmas songs is “Welcome Christmas” from How the Grinch Stole Christmas- when all the who’s sing together at the end even though they don’t have any presents…I feel my heart growing larger with the Grinch’s and the tears welling up in my eyes.



This Christmas, 2011, is our first newlywed Christmas, our first Christmas officially living together. (As in, when we go home for Christmas, we’re actually allowed to sleep in the same room. Yay!) We are so lucky that we get to spend Christmas with both my family and my husband’s family- I can’t imagine “splitting” the holidays or switching every year. The magic and romance of Christmas Eve and the utter gleeful chaos of 7am Christmas morning just can’t be beat, and we get to experience every moment together.


Welcome Christmas, Christmas Day!


As much as I love Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, the most enjoyable part of Christmas is the season leading up to the big day. The two or three weeks before December 25th are probably my favorite two weeks of the year. Made even more so by the fact that for the first time in four years, I’m not battling end-of-semester projects and finals while trying to get into the holiday spirit! Shopping, baking, wrapping, decorating, more shopping, more wrapping, etc. Everything is so beautifully lit up, and everyone is just a little bit nicer to each other. The holiday spirit is infectious: I see a definite surge toward letting someone go ahead of you in traffic, or holding the door for a burdened-down shopper. Just don’t take the last Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks, please, and I can be super nice to everyone. Because, after all, it’s Christmas.

A huge part of the Christmas magic and pre-Christmas season is the weather. The promise and anticipation of snow, seeing your breath in ghostly puffs as you hurriedly bustle from the department store to your car and crank up the heat. Gorgeous soft coats, yummy scarves wrapped around your nose, and slipping your chilled toes into cozy slippers when you get home after a long day of shopping are major elements of the holiday festivities for me. That’s why, this season, the anti-seasonal weather in Charleston is severely cramping my Christmas style. It just looks weird to see Santa in his big red furry suit- he must be sweating his beard off. It’s literally been hovering around 70 degrees since before Thanksgiving, and it is just so hard to think about sugar cookies, wreaths, reindeer dish towels, and any sort of Christmas shopping while wearing flip-flops and tank tops.


Christmas Day is in our grasp, so long as we have hands to clasp.


But it is our first newlywed Christmas, and our very first “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree together that’s really ours. With our own ornaments- my very favorite special ornaments that my mom has presented me with every year, and some from my husband’s childhood that were gifted to us before we moved. Seeing our very own tree, with our own Nativity scene on the dining table, and our own little polar tables on the mantle, plus my fabulous holly, snowflake and Santa dish towels and pot-holders make me gleeful with the feelings of the season.


Christmas also makes me thankful for everything I have- my family, our health, our wonderful pets, and of course the fact that we are able to fly home to spend Christmas with our entire immediate family and living grandparents. We’re able to shower each other with trinkets and love. We can indulge in a home-cooked turkey, cranberry sauce, Egg Nog and the very best of holiday baked goods while spending time together. The Christmas season also makes me think of those who aren’t as fortunate- not just in this economy, but those who are separated from their loved ones or family members or who have lost someone they used to spend Christmas with. Christmas is really about love, companionship, friendship and togetherness- with the occasional Pumpkin Spice Latte and Christmas carol.

Even if I was wearing flip-flops while I hung my deliciously-scented wreath, I was fortunate enough to hang that wreath on our very own front door, the first of many in our journey together.


Christmastime will always be, just as long as we have glee. 


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