As we bid adieu to the Christmas season and I pack up all my fabulous goodies, I am reminded of one of my all-time favorite Christmas presents. Santa was very good to me this year (yay blender and Bose system!) but last year , a stocking stuffer really stole the show. By Christmas 2010, my Giuliana & Bill obsession and Giuliana Rancic girl crush was pretty well-established.. During a routine viewing of the Style network show while at home on some sort of college break, I was holding my family hostage and making them watch with me- nobody really complained. During one of Giuliana’s interviews, I became fixated-read annoyingly UB-SESSED- with one of her necklaces. I found out that it was Stella and Dot, and my lust of the brand took off.

One of the last presents I opened last Christmas morning was a gorgeous, brown wooden necklace held together by sparkly patches of turquoise. Then another box, containing a gorgeous strand of silver sparkles, adorned with silver star ornaments and white daisies (known on stella and dot website as “Metropolitan Mixed Chain necklace”). Just possibly two of my all-time favorite pieces of jewelry ever.

LOVE! My mom then launched into the story of how “Santa” had tracked down that particular item- the very same as worn by Giuliana herself-  found that the brown necklace was discouninued and no longer available for purchase, then scoured Ebay until victorious. I was over the moon. I received several other swoon-worthy presents that year (Santa is always very good to me- I’m incredibly lucky) but OMG the feeling of opening up that adorable little speckled Stella and Dot box! The reindeer in the North Pole probably heard my squeals of glee.


My mom gets a gold prize for best gift-researcher ever! After big hugs and lots of enthusiastic thanks, I began thinking of all the outfits I would create around these statement pieces. I donned the silver stunner with a strapless yellow sundress for my bridal shower.  I chose the brown beads for my first Loyola Looks TV hosting shoot of 2011, and indulge every time I feel a neutral-colored outfit needs that “pop.”


Here are some of my currents favorites by Stella and Dot. What’s on your lust lust?


Isn’t this gorgeous jade “Contessa” necklace to-die-for? Glamorous enough punch up a little black dress, but sophisticated enough to pair under a collared blouse for a chic day at work.




This “Isadora Pearl Bib” is all out sex appeal. This just belongs in a swanky nightclub in New York City or Paris.

Doesn’t this “Chantilly Lace” gold bangle just scream “Red Carpet”? I’m sure Anne Hathaway, Halle Berry or Demi Moore would be coveting something similar for any awards show.


This “Aurora” cocktail ring might top my 2012 wish list. Didn’t Disney teach us that Aurora means “dawn” (you know, Sleeping Beauty’s mortal name)? This is sure to add that dazzle to your next soriee, or even to your workday as you type. I want, I want, I want!


Check out all that the Stella and Dot geniuses have to offer! What are some of your all-time-favorite Christmas presents?



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