Remember the rumors before Christmas that Will was supposedly gifting a furry little friend to Kate for their first married holiday season? We doubt they’d keep something so cute a secret- but then there were these photos of Kate frolicking on the Queen’s estate over Christmas with two four-legged friends.

She already has an adorable black cocker spaniel Otto (sister Pippa is mom to his sister Ella, how cute)-this little guy made headlines when he reportedly ate a pair of pearl earrings Prince William had given to Kate. Aw- I’m sure he wasn’t in too much trouble- just look at that face! Maybe he just needs a friend to play with! If we’re assuming the Duchess of Cambridge hasn’t unwrapped a live dog yet, here are some possible breeds she might favor.

It’s common international knowledge that the Queen has an affinity for Welsh Corgis. If Wills follows his grandma’s advice, could a new patriotic pooch be added to the royal doghouse?

Kate seems to be a lover of small breeds. Here’s a shot of her cuddling up to a fan’s adorable little Scottie/terrier/schnauzer.

Of course, with their active lifestyle, Kate and William would be perfect pup parents for larger breeds like labs and retrievers.

Whatever prized pooch they select, we’re sure the lucky dog will be a perfectly trained royal’s best friend.

It is Kate’s birthday- maybe there will be an announcement of a new furry family member soon? What do you think Will should give Kate? What kind of breed should be Otto’s new playmate?

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