I just can’t stop thinking about my wedding. I received from very exciting news the day before New Year’s Eve: my wedding video trailer is ready! Watching the video gave me goose bumps, made me cry and brought me back to all the emotions and feelings of my wedding day. So here we go, another round of secrets and tips!


Tip 1: Hotel Help

If you’re inviting lots of guests from out of town, it’s a nice gesture to set up a block of guest rooms at a hotel to facilitate their booking. It can be hard to find a place that your aunts and uncles will enjoy but that your college friends can still afford. Most hotels will give you a complimentary 10-room block under your name to guarantee a special price, with the option of upgrading to a suite. I was married Columbus Day weekend in New England, very close to Gillette Stadium on Patriots-Jets game weekend. Hotel rooms were not easy to come by. We lucked out by booking a block of rooms at a hotel in Boston way in advance (like May)- keep in mind if you urge most guests to stay far away from your venue, you should also provide some sort of transportation to and from the wedding festivities. Another great idea? Welcome bags to leave in your guests’ hotel rooms. Our hotel did not charge a fee, but every policy is different. Additional tip? It’s a nice gesture to foot the bill for the rooms for your bridal party. Don’t forget to book a room for yourself and your new husband- the hotel will almost always upgrade you or sent you a bottle of champagne on your wedding night.


Tip 2: Must-Have Manicure

During your months of being engaged, and of course on your wedding day, everyone is going to be grabbing your hand to see your new sparkler. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to manicures as often as you can. You don’t need to venture into the salon and fork over cash every week, but be sure to file down your nails and touch up any chipped polish at least once a week. If you have artificial nails, be sure to keep them filled and clean looking at all times. Grab a bunch of cheap nail files at the drugstore, and keep one in your car or purse for long lines and traffic lights. Look at it as research- you need to experiment with your favorite colors and styles for your big day.


Tip 3: Family Traditions

Your wedding is a joining of two families. You and your fiancé are coming together to start a new life together,as products of your parents and family members love and influence. Why not include them in some of the wedding details? We placed wedding photos of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents in beautiful frames along the table around the guest book.  You can involve everyone- carry something old from your grandmother (or his- How cute is that?) It doesn’t have to be anything major- carry a small piece of a veil or gown, or maybe use a relative’s vintage cake knife. Have an aunt or uncle or grandparent perform a reading. Be sure to ask your parents and relatives what family traditions they included in their weddings, and gain inspiration together! Something very small and special could mean the world to a family member, who will most likely be thrilled to be involved in your wedding day.


Tip 4: Your Very Own Wedding Scent

One of my favorite tiny details of my wedding experience was my wedding scent. You can spray it in the car before you pick up your wedding dress, spritz the inside of the invitation envelopes, gift the fragrance to your bridesmaids, and even include a scented candle in the restrooms. That small whiff of elegance in the air will remind everyone of your signature style that carries throughout the entire event. Experiment until you find your favorite. Kate Middleton favored Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom candles to line the aisle at Westminster Abby on April 29, 2011- I went with Jo Malone’s White Jasmine and Mint. Inhaling that aroma still brings me back to the happiness I felt on October 8th.


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